Exclusive seller or not?

I would like to know: are you an exclusive seller or not? And why?


take a look on this article about envato author policy hope you will get your answer.


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Im not exclusive, cause I don’t like to rely on one single platform, and by spreading my templates throughout many sites I feel more secure in case something happens to one of them. Be it a drastic change in policies, fees, etc.

Additionally I built up my portfolio on other platform before becoming more active on Videohive and that platform generates me way more money than Videohive so I just couldn’t imagine making all my files exclusive here and hoping for the best :smiley: Plus once I combine all the platforms revenue they overtake what I would be making here if I was exclusive.

And lastly I’m a relatively new author, not super popular, nor my files don’t have hundreds of sales yet, so I can’t really take advantage of Videohives massive audience as of now when all the top items on the site are from old already very well established sellers. If I was more seasoned here and more popular, I can clearly imagine that getting lots of sales on promos etc would easily overtake the other markets income, so it that case being exclusive here would make more sense. But now, nope.


I suggest you to go with Exclusive. So you will have one sales channel and focus on your items.

If you go bigger or circumstances change in time, you will consider differently.

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Thank you so much! I’m glad I got your opinions on the two different options.