Selling different versions of a music piece outside of Envato?

As an Exclusive Author is it possible to offer customers the service of resampling a piece of music in a key different from the original?
I.E.: If a customer has purchased a license for a piece of music, can I sell him another version (in a different key) and charge him directly outside of Envato?


No, it is not possible.
Why dont you change to non exclusive?
Then you can do what you want.

Yes, it’s possible. If the customer has a license from AJ and you provide them with another version of the track, then it can be considered as freelance customization work, which is perfectly allowed by AJ’s terms.

In any case, since you selling a different version from the track that’s available at AJ, then there is no issue. Your exclusivity status only applies limitations to music that is sold at AJ. What are they going to do, accuse you of plagiarizing yourself? Yeah right.

There was a major update of exclusivity policy some time ago and now such variations are called a Product Family. You are forbidden to sell products considered as a part of a Product Family outside Envato (with few exeptions like freelance work or personal listening).

Of course it would be possible to create a new related item and sell it on Envato. But would this not blow my profile in no-time - having so many almost identical tracks? I´d rather had the opportunity to make the customers pay the original license. Since they would be able to pitch the track on their own, which is not forbidden, I would then just do the transposing work for them as a customization. They would have had the original license anyway!
Any official comment from Envato?

Fair enough, I had missed that update. However, since the OP is not making the new version available on other platforms nor their own site, the point is moot.

Actually that’s not allowed.

Again, this is perfectly fine. Customization work is allowed of course.

For this, you need to ask support.

Why don’t you add the “new version” to the item? Maybe someone else will need it.