An old song

Hello everyone … I’m new on the forum and on the audiojungle market. I wanted to know, since in the past I made several music tracks for videos already published on YouTube I would like to sell them on envato. Can my account be exclusive even if my songs have already been used for videographic projects?

Hello! Try to look here . As I understand it, exclusivity at the account level (each track) extends to the point of time while you sell your tracks here as an exclusive author.

Hello thanks… I read the link, but there isn’t written of this clause if I can release the license free.

As I see it, the exclusivity agreement means that you can sell your item only in Envato, and not in any other market. As long as your track is not published for sale in other stock music sites, it’s perfectly fine that you re-use an old piece.

I would double check this with support just to be safe.

Welcome and good luck!

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Hi… Thanks, I hope to live there with audiojungle.