Question about selling my tracks which was used in short amateurish film on youtube.


Hello everybody. The question is:
Some time ago I started writing music for the film. The film is amateurish.
It will be loaded onto youtube.

Can I upload this music(which I wrote for this film) on AJ or not?

P.S.:The film is not done yet.



As long as the track is not PRO registered, it’s fine with Audiojungle. Just make sure you do not have a special agreement with the film production that would prevent you from selling the track here.


Thanks for answer.
PRO registered - what is that ?


First off, to get a good idea of what a Performance Rights Organization (PRO) does you have to have a basic understanding of how music licensing and publishing works. Say a music supervisor, or editor is looking for some music for a a television show that will air on ABC. They browse music libraries like AudioJungle and find some music they wish to license for the show. They find the music they are looking for and purchase a license to use the music in their show. That license fee is called a “sync fee.” From this point on the music editor is done paying fees.

Once the show is finished then it’s ready to air on ABC, a cue sheet is filed out and submitted with a list of all the music used in the show. ABC pays a blanket amount of money to the PRO’s every quarter for broadcast royalties regardless of where the music came from. The PRO’s use the cue sheets to distribute the money that ABC has already paid to them to the musicians listed on the cue sheet. Distributed money by the PRO’s is called the “back end money.”

The term “royalty free” is kind of a misnomer but is used to describe paying one upfront fee compared to a needle drop license where you pay a fee every time the music is played. Broadcast companies pay blanket amounts of money to PRO’s every quarter, regardless of whether the music is PRO registered or not. The fact is that if your not affiliated with a PRO, you will never be able to collect the back end money that has already been collected for you. So take two musicians both having music on a television show on ABC. Musician A is PRO registered and Musician B is not. They both license their music from site for $18. They both collect their sync fee from the site sale.

Now Musician B is done making money with that placement while Musician A waits for the cue sheet to be submitted for the television show. The editor of the show fills out the cue sheet and sends in the paperwork along with the show to ABC. After a while Musician A’s PRO sends him money from ABC. Unfortunately for Musician B, ABC also paid money to him but since his music is not PRO registered he will never see it.

This is the benefit of being PRO affiliated. The person that paid the sync fee does not get charged any additional fees, but you’re still able to collect royalties that were already paid out for you by the broadcast networks. Some music libraries try to make a sales pitch saying that they are so royalty free that they don’t even accept PRO registered music. They try to use misinformation to gain new customers but personally I think doing this is a bad business practice. Not only is it dishonest but it keeps the highest quality musicians and composers from submitting their music.


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