Removing tracks from AJ and registering with PRO

Hi there,
I wanted to ask a question - has anybody “changed their mind” about their composition and decided to remove it from AJ (or other royalty free stock) to have it registered with PRO and released the conventional way, say in an album?

Is it at all possible, especially when track has been already sold (licensed) on AJ?
Maybe anybody has some experience with this?

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You don’t have to change your mind about anything as you can (and SHOULD) do both. No problem. Maybe you’ve noticed the Composer/Publisher boxes on every track page? That’s what they’re for.

“Royalty free” does not mean free from PRO royalties. :slight_smile:

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Yep, you can sell on AJ and simultaneously register these tracks with PRO.

But wait… Actually you SHOULD do both to avoid losing money from the broadcast.

Something I don’t understand here. I just thought that people buy a royalty free licence so that they don’t have to pay extra fees (PRO).

So if I now want to release one of my uploaded tracks on an album, what do I need to do? First register it with PRO, and then edit that item and check that it is registered with PRO? Or do I need to delete it from my library first?

Is this compatible with Audiojungle rules at all?

Royalty Free term has few definitions and variations.

You can release your track on album no matter if it is registered with PRO or AudioJungle.

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No, the buyers aren’t (normally) the ones paying the PROs. The broadcasters pay the PROs (the TV network, like BBC, or social media platform, like TikTok).

The “royalty free” term means that the buyer only pays once for their video. But you are still entitled to performance royalties from radio, TV, social media, clothing stores etc.

So, you have the buyer, normally a video producer.

They buy the license and make the video.

If the video happens to be a commercial and airs on TV, you could get A LOT of extra royalties, paid by the TV channel/network.

If the track is used on TikTok and goes viral, you could get A LOT of extra royalties, paid by TikTok to your PRO.

We are talking tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands if you have many good tracks that are used frequently.

One really nice placement or a viral track can be worth many years of AudioJungle license fees.

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