Question about licensing music for a feature film

Hey community!

Today a costumer contacted me with this concern: he means to purchase one of my tracks with a Broadcast and Film licence (:crossed_fingers:) and he asked me for my personal name and track’s publisher to include in the sountrack’s cue sheet. I composed music for feature films before and this is always a requirement, at least in my country, but never happened to me in Audiojungle.

What should I tell him to fill in as “publisher”. ¿Self published? ¿Wormwood Music via Envato?

If anybody went through this before, your assistance will be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance guys and gals!

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Never experienced it before so I don’t have any idea.
I’m here just for the cheers :tada:

Congratulations! :smile:


I think this really depends on who your specific PRO is. I know for SOCAN you need to meet certain requirements before you can register as a “publisher” so they told me to just put my name for composer and publisher sections. But my friend in the states is with a different PRO and I believe he registered a company as a publisher and has his own personal composer account. Take that for what it’s worth but I’d get in touch with your PRO!

Hahaha! Cheers are always welcome! Thanks so much mate!

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Thanks, Robert! I, mostly out of laziness, don’t register the music I compose for AJ in my PRO and I read around the forums that right now PROs are not admiting royalty free authors anymore. It’s a shame because in cases like these you could actually get a dime or two if the movie works decently.

By now I told the costumer to simply fill in my personal name as author and “Self published”. I wonder if Envato allows me to go to my PRO and register this track as part of the film’s soundtrack.

Will keep you guys posted.

Thanks again!

You’re confusing PROs with AdRev. Most PRO’s do not discriminate against so-called royalty-free authors. Anyway, congrats!! :sunglasses:

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You are absolutely right. I suck sooo badly when it comes to all things legal… Thanks my friend.

If you don’t know if you have publisher or not - you probably don’t have any :slight_smile: let them write only composer name and ipi and leave publisher empty. Or they can write you as a publisher. In both cases PROs should track you and all money (composer’s and publisher’s) should be transferred to you.