PRS Members (UK) thread

Hi, I thought it would be good to have a place for those of us dealing with registering our tracks on the PRS.

I’ve previously only had tracks registered by a publisher so this is new to me.

Anyway, here’s my first issue: registering a track seems to require entering the name of a series or film that the track has been in. For most of my audiojungle tracks i don’t know what productions they have been used in! Anyone else encountering this?

I haven’t registered yet for the prs.

When you registered did you have to say that you were the writer and the publisher? How much does it cost? Thanks.

Hi, it’s been over 10 years since I joined the prs, so it might be different now, but I had to show evidence that I had a work that would earn royalties. I sent a letter giving the name of my publisher and that they had placed my music on tv. If you needed something like that, maybe an invoice from a broadcast license purchase would do.

As far as I know, you don’t need to enter any publisher details if you are registering tracks. The cost to join back then was £100 lifetime membership.

giving this a bump…any prs members out there?

Here i am! Nice meeting you. :wink:

As far as i know, when registering a new work, we should only enter a film name if the track has been written specifically for a film.

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On the registration form, it won’t let you continue unless you enter details for a film/tv series/ ad etc, so it looks like we need to know somewhere a track is being used before registering them. I’m aware of some tv uses of my tracks, so have been able to get a couple registered. I’ve also uploaded some tracks to tunesat, and will keep an eye on that.

I’ve just realised - if you put ‘no’ for those categories, you can proceed without giving details of any broadcasts

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Yes, you can… :slight_smile:

Just one thing:

are you writing your CAE Number along with the composer name when uploading new music to AJ?

Yes, that seems to be the thing to do

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Very well then…

thanks :wink:

Hi. Nice to meet you :slight_smile: Good idea for the PRS thread! I’m new to the stock music market but I’ve been claiming performance royalties from the PRS for a few years now.
I see that you recommend putting our CAE number next to the composer name when uploading new tracks.
Is there anything else I need to do to ensure that I get my royalties from my AJ uploads? I’ve already registered all my tracks with the PRS.
The PRS have not been helpful at all when I asked them how I get my royalties from AJ sales.
I also see that you have experience with publishers. Can you please offer any advice on if I should get a publisher for my work or not? Can you recommend any good publishers to try and work with?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi, guys. I have a question about PRS. I have joined it around 6 years ago for my electronic music production name. Do anyone know if there is a chance to change name for aj one? Or better to do new agreement? Thank you.

Hi, if you go to ‘my account’ on prs you can request a pseudonym, so you can have multiple names in the same account. I requested pseudonyms of my audiojungle author name and a few other variations. You are given a different CAE number for each name. However with audiojungle i just put my own name and original cae number in the ‘composer’ box of each track.

Hi, there’s not much else you can do to ensure you get royalties from here. I’ll be interested to see if anything comes up on my april prs statement. The only way royalties will come through is if the program maker using your track fills in your name and track name on a cue sheet (which they are required to do, I believe). It can take a long time between a tv being aired and receiving royalties for it, especially if it’s in a different country.

One thing you can do is go on to where you upload your music, and it can detect anytime the music is aired on tv (bigger tv channels only, i think). I have a free account on tunesat (up to 50 tracks) and it has detected a few uses of my audiojungle tracks. If you don’t get royalties paid for the uses you see on tunesat, you could contact prs and tell them about them.

A publisher isn’t necessary for audiojungle stuff. In the stock music world, publishing companies tend to be set up by music libraries as the method of getting their percentage of your royalties. Audiojungle don’t claim any of our royalties so no need to have a publisher.

disclaimer: i’m no expert on all of this, so take my advice with a pinch of salt :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to reply. That has been very helpful. I’ll check out tunesat and add my CAE number in my AJ account. Hopefully that will do the trick. Great music by the way! I had a wee listen to your tracks. Sounds awsome :slight_smile:

No problem. Unfortunately you have to add your cae to every individual track, alongside composer name.

Hello Everyone!

Very nice to meet you! Finally an exclusive place for PRS members!

I’m too a PRS member since 2007. I only had my music registered by publishers up to now but this has changed and I have registered myself all the A.J. music to PRS. JonnyMakesJazz, you mentioned about adding your name and original CAP number in the composer box. I’ve been writting my PRS pseudonym used to register my music in PRS and next to it the PSEUDONYM’s CAE and not the “original one”. Which I now have a bit of doubts…I think it’s ok, but maybe I need to put both MAIN PRS member name and CAE number instead of the pseudonym?

I’m also struggling to figure out what to do on the following situation. I will perform some tracks for a theatrical play. More a playback sort of thing (with a controller) than actual LIVE performance. The music I will play will be all PRS registered and some both PRS and A.J. registered. As far as I know, A.J. permits exclusive writers (my case) to use AJ registered material for freelance work/projects. So I guess I’m ok. But what about the PRS? What do I need to do when playing my own music to a public that is registered to PRS? I need to feel in a CUE shit? Then, someone need a license? I’m a bit confused. Some light?

Nice to meet you again all!

The whole point of having a pseudonym in the first place is so you don’t have to put your real name. Otherwise, what’s the purpose? You don’t have to put your main name.

Hi, you should be ok with any of your prs names and cae numbers.

As for royalties for live performance, i don’t know much about that. I don’t imagine it would be much money so i probably wouldn’t bother logging it myself.