P.R.O and publishing

Hi guys,

I want to apologise in advance if any of these questions have been asked and answered!

The idea of getting royalties on our tracks is pretty mouthwatering! But I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to my organisation (p.r.s…uk)

I am registered on Prs, and have a few tracks there, but they are registered by a publisher, which is another library site, that take a cut.

If I register my already existing AJ tracks, does that count as me being my own publisher…meaning it’s all done and I take 100% of the royalties?

Also…do you think this will affect sales!? I’m not sure why it would put buyers off!?

Cheers guys :slight_smile:

Hi, I have started a PRS thread: PRS Members (UK) thread but there haven’t been many takers :joy:

Yes, we get 100% if we register our aj tracks, but you don’t need to enter yourself as publisher, just as a writer, and leave the publisher bit blank.

I haven’t found that it has affected sales at all.


best get registering then!

Just hope ive done it all right!


out of interest…what do you write in “avdert/ident” section??

you have to put something, but not sure what!?

I’ve just discovered - if you put ‘no’ for those categories, you can proceed without giving details of any broadcasts


I just wrote “multiple” guess that’s not going through! :frowning:

Thanks man!