Royalties From AJ - Bit confused?

Hello Everyone!

Just wondering if anyone has received royalties from AJ yet from their countries representing collection agency (prs, bmi ect…)

Theres a few things i’m still not sure about!?

Im based in the uk, so use PRS. I have registered the tracks from AJ, and supplied my CAE number on my profile/item page, just wondering, is that all I have to do!? do I put the registered track number somewhere

I also have tracks on tune sat, so am aware of a couple of placements that have multiple usages on channels all over the place on quite a few different channels. Is there another step that I have to do, or just trust that the people airing my music will fill in the appropriate forms and log the music so eventually PRS will be made aware of the usages?

I cant be the only one who gets left with an aching head after trying to figure all this out! haha!

anyone who can help with 1 or all of these questions would be brilliant! :smiley:

cheers guys

JD :beer:

Hmmm maybe I don’t get it, but how would it be possible to collect royalties from music that is sold royalty free??:grin:

Not sure if you spotted it a while back, but you can now register music on AJ with a PRO!

The person who buys the license doesn’t pay any more, it’s the stations/channels that broadcast that pay out.


Ah ok, thanks for the enlightenment :slight_smile:

It takes a long time to see any broadcast royalties, especially if they’re not from your country! We’re talking 1-2 years for international royalties sometimes…


I knew it would take a long time…was just intrigued to see if there was anyone out there who has got anything in way of royalties yet :slight_smile: