The AJ Community Guide #3: Content Identification (CID)

Thank you so much for all this info. I had no idea. I sell sound effects here on AudioJungle. Is Identifyy only for tracks or should I be registering my sound effects?

Tracks only.


A fresh update on Facebook monitoring by Identifyy. I’ve got a customer notification about one of his videos being muted by FB because of copyright.

I’ve uploaded the same track on FB making a private post and it was indeed muted, without any option to appeal, which is quite a big deal!

I’m waiting for an answer from Identifyy support now. I think if things stay as they are now, we should opt out of Facebook monitoring.


I noticed the same. Could you please let us know what Identifyy replies?

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I got a doubt; i hope someone could resolve it.

In some videos i can see the Identify claim, but i see some other companies claiming the same song.
If i got my tracks only registered in Identify, how can be this possible? And someone knows what this means?

I asked to Identify, and i am still waiting for an answer… months waiting…

I suppose it is a CID conflict = false positive, CID piracy etc.

Some PROs also use other CID services e.g. to track mechanical royalties (which are different royalties than sync royalties from monetization).

Donno what to do, I suppose Identifyy can solve the conflict if they have enough man-power and if video is profitable and your claim is legit.

Though it is complex and I am not sure about it.

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Can we, as music authors, issue some kind of licence-certificate, which gives permission to someone to use our music???
For example, for promotional purposes, we may post video or audio ourselves, or allow someone to do it for us…

You can whitelist video/channel or write a text license in the pdf which can be uploaded during the claim clearance.


Unfortunately Identifyy allow you to add video/channel to whitelist only if it already has a claim, even though earlier there was a possibility to do it in advance.

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Colleagues, I honestly don’t know what a “whitelist” is :slight_smile:
Could any of you send me please, a text license template (PDF) that is acceptable to Identifyy???

Hello all! Where can I find the html code needed for informing clients that my track is protected by Identifyy?


Does it really make money? Or is it just too much fuss? Perhaps this only makes sense for the owners of the site

I earn $$$$ each quarter. So yep, it makes money, it protects your music and shows where your tracks are used.


Hello. Question about Prepare Metadata. How do you answer the question: “Is this a cover song OR would you like to monetize ONLY the master recording?” Yes or No?
Thank you.

In most cases “no”.


Hi guys. Bad reviews about Identifyy:

Has anyone read good reviews?

Nothing new, nothing odd. Such services have poor reviews, e.g. AdRev has 2.0.

Even Envato markets have ratings from 1.9.

Such reviews are written by dissapointed guys, not by those satisfied usually.

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Yes, it’s true.