Questions about PRO, Content ID

1 - How can people sell thousands of copies without protection, what happens if someone gets content id for them?
2 - I tried identifyy and turns out they don’t let you choose what to do with your music, you have to remove copyright claim from every single video manually and it takes about a week, why would people pay for music if they get copyright claim on their videos?

I have red post about these in the forums but there are some things that i don’t understand, not sure if there is no info about this or i missed it.

Ignorance or denial. Most eventually do register their music.

It’s a mess, and it’s happened many times over. When a track is fraudulently registred, buyers get copyright claims they cannot clear. When it happens, the author cannot help them. They have to fight the fraud first. Though it’s a pain for everybody, I haven’t heard stories about an author not being able to eventually reclaim their own music.

Clearing the claim through the third-party clear form usually takes a few hours, not a week. The license people buy is precisely the key to clear such claims… which is why they buy the license.

Edit: This is about ContentID, but I haven’t seen your question about PRO though. You should check out this guide about ContentID.

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As far as i know if you join a P.R.O protects you from the same things.
It’s not that important if having Content ID is enough, i will just do that.
Thanks a lot, i red a lot of things but i think i couldn’t understand because of my English.

Both PRO and CID protect your music. In terms of protection of stock composers CID is way more practical and efficient. In terms of additional royalties PROs have much bigger potential. Every author should register in both.

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PRO and ContentID are completely different things.

ContentID is a fingerprinting/recognition system that was created by and works for YouTube. It generates advertisement revenue.

PRO is an organization (often national) that collects performance royalties whenever a registered music is publicly performed. It is not a form of protection per say.

Actually it is. E.g. PRO can be helpful when it comes to plagiarism lawsuits or unlicensed performance. Efficiency and range of tools depends on local PRO but they are way more problematic, vague and time consuming then CID actions on youtube.

Got it, thank you!
There was one more thing i was curious about,
If i want to publish a music track that i want everyone to use freely (for self promotion), should i use something like distrokid for that or PRO?

First of all you can’t do that if you’re an exclusive author.

If not, you can use any distribution service you like. I am not sure if Distrokid is the best option for that. Especially that Distrokid allows you to sell music on specific platforms and you can’t give it away for free. And I think it may depend on local PRO but I am not sure if PRO have tools for freebies distribution.

Youtube and Soundclod are the most popular places for such things.