Further tests on Market Search / Category / Home pages

Hey guys!

A little while ago we mentioned we’re running small tests on the look and feel of Envato Market. So far these have been ​tests around button colors, the checkout ​process ​and what happens when you click buttons.

We’re about to start a series of tests to the search and category pages which will help us understand customer behavior better. Currently our category pages look just like search pages, and we think they could be better. Also, we think we could do a better job of displaying and helping customers find items on both the search and category pages.

Over the next few months you may notice changes to the layout of search results, sort order, new panels, and other design changes to the search and category pages. Using data from the tests, we will assess both customer and author impact. This means you may notice small changes from time to time that you can see and others can’t, and those changes may or may not become permanent. We can’t announce when these ​tests ​will take place or help you get into them, as doing so could affect the results.

These tests are really important for us to ensure we’re looking at actual customer behavior and have quality data to help us improve.

If something looks broken, feel free to reach out here!



hope getting better :grin:

Are there plans to alter the actual search algorithm, aside from changes to the layout etc?

Where can we report bugs quickly? I mean a year ago when sonething like this was taking place we just posted bugs to forum, obviously connected to the matter.

I already noticed a bug by using iphone5. The page is Not properly fitted to screen when you open it.

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Not a single search algorithm on a planet will fit all 400 000 tracks on first page.


@trent-aus , now this is scary.
Because with all my respect, whenever you change something, you make things worse (sorry) in regards to “visibility” of authors’ items and user experience.

Please also consider to rethink the changes made below and at least let us know that yoU’re reading all of the comments there ; because as we stated many times, the impact is there (surely it’s negative) and the impact is undeniable…:

Plus, Why are you continuously confusing customers’ minds? Do you still have to keep the “ELEMENTS” adds all over the search pages? You really think that this is good for user experience?

Especially when you think about newcomers. They land on ThemeForest, and once they figure out what they were doing you greet them with a new option (elements)?

Why are you still using adds all over the marketplace for an another market?

All “no no” friends.


Lol! you never give up Bedros :slight_smile:


It’s not about giving up but stating the obvious flaws, friend.
Do you remember the days that “they” tested UNCLICKABLE preview images, and how long we insisted to get “clickable preview images” back?

I think they have heard your feedback long back. May be they are trying to test the current homepage and give us results. If the results don’t perform good, I am sure they will reverse what they did.


I’m not sure what your point is @Enrize, I was merely asking a question. I don’t have a particular agenda. All I know is that there is a thread on this forum with hundreds of responses, all debating the search engine algorithm. I haven’t read the comments nor do I know anything about the issues; however I DO know that for a lot of people who follow the topic, changes to the search algorithm are supposedly a very big deal.

Better make the whole market responsive

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We have no plans to test the search algorithm in this round of testing, but may in the future.

Our site is mostly responsive but won’t always render perfectly on every device.
You can report bugs using this form under site feedback.


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Cool, thanks for the info!

@trent-aus Since we are talking about look and feel are there any plans to add Retina (Hi-DPI) support? At least the ability to use SVG graphics in profile image and item thumbnails.


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What about the share buttons having disappeared from the item page? Is it intentional (as in someone said, 'yeah let’s get rid of those, social media is so 2012 anyway")? or is it a bug due to those tests?

This is the nb1 thing you should be focusing on.
And as Bedros mentioned those elements banner have to go or then advertise Envato markets and banners on elements to, directly under results etc. If as Envato stated does not steal customers then where is the problem?

In any case, I salute changes, but well thought changes that will bring significant progress.

The categorisation is a good move on top. But consider also categorizing by niche… since niche themes got quite popular.This would probably mean more option to check for us which is good.

Brave yourselves, search changes are coming! :smiley:

Actually I really do hope it’s for the better! Good luck :wink:

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^ Here you go.