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Hello guys,

Any thoughts on new layout listing? I find myself in a difficult situation …when searching for something. I barely see the Item Title because of the preview image that obliviously has “much weight” for the eye. It’s pretty hard to find what you are look for. I understand to use bigger images when you have …all images sharing the same information …but here …is not the case as each author has it’s own way to create preview images. Human eye is looking for patterns …and Envato should already know this.



Unfortunately, a total time loss once again for authors + more confusion for customers

(like we don’t already have enough confusion here, Envato. You know, trying to make some sales and meanwhile seeing a banner on top of the marketplace which says “hey stop. don’t buy. you can get thousands of items with $29!!!” ).

Too many distractions, customers really need to focus all of that info once to decide (info on the preview images) ??

I think, again, “someone” thought this would be a great idea. No, it’s not. And as always, no previous warnings. And by the way, what about all those authors’ efforts to create a “brand” for their portfolio via ITEM THUMBNAILS? Are we “testing” here OR all that’s gone?!

Funny, right?


There are a lot of preview images that use WHITE background color for preview images. Before this change they had a box with grey border color so it was a good option to keep the preview with WHITE background …now they just put a lot of authors in a ambiguous situation …too bad! Communication is always the solution. Please keep the market CLEAN. @Bedros …totally agree … too many distractions for shoppers.

Yes it is ugly as hell, market started to look more and more on competitive CM and further more layout is messed up for some accounts

We are doing some A/B testing on various layouts and looks for the search page. Nothing is written in stone but we think it’s good idea to test the waters and see if certain layouts work better at increasing sales.


author’s name looks like a link, but I can’t click on it?

Thanks for the info @KingDog . I’m SURE A/B tests will tell the same story.

We’re hoping to find out :smiley:

I like that you made prices and sales smaller and preview images bigger - buyers attention will be focused on the preview. It’s a good move. Plus I’ve read somewhere that when prices were typed small, buyers unconsciously interpret them as low.

With the old design nobody can compare themes by icons and preview hovers, it’s really hard. I personally heard complains from my friends, who had difficulties with finding the exact theme design they had in mind: you just open the category, and here you are with tons of icons you need to hover one by one, remember what you’ve hovered before, go see demos, compare etc. While in the new layout you can at least have an idea (at a first glance on the category page) which theme has what inside, and which one you want to check out first.

How can you make any comparison when every author creates the preview in the own way? To me all that previews together is a total mess. I wish I could like this change …but I simply can not. We’ll see what A/B test will reveal …

There is a bug in styling ( it’s not cache )

Well it’s not ideal, but it’s better than icons anyway. You can have an idea about a theme if the preview has any screenshots there, and usually they do.

And on top of everything when you hover the preview …surpriseee you see it double :slight_smile: Awesome usability!

Hi Friend,
Please let us know when the testing will be finished and about the results & if this is the final layout (hopefully not) , or not.

Thanks a lot, Travis.

Hey there,

We’ll be running further variations on this A/B test over the coming weeks, please the post announcing this here: Further tests on Market Search / Category / Home pages. This is definitely not the final layout :slight_smile:


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Thanks for update Ben!