Envato Market Homepage Tests - ThemeForest

Today we’ve launched the beginning of a series of A/B tests on the Envato Market homepages. We’ve been busy researching and creating new designs to both inspire customers and help them find the right items for their projects faster.

Starting with ThemeForest, we’ll be testing incremental changes as we work towards a complete redesign of the ThemeForest homepage. This means different versions will be shown to different customers, and you may not see any of the tests during this time. We plan to follow a similar process for the rest of Envato Market if these tests are successful.

This first test is primarily a re-skin of the current ThemeForest home page. The biggest change you’ll notice is the use of the new item cards, which replace the thumbnail images currently used. This means customers will see bigger preview images and more information about the items.

To make space for the preview images, we will be showing less items on the page, and the items displayed will have a greater chance of being seen by our customers. Future changes will mostly be variations on this, as well as possibly bringing successful blocks over from the category pages.

We’re very excited to be updating the homepages to better reflect the high quality of items sold on Envato Market.


Looks great! But I feeling that featured items are too large.

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We are always confused with Design Changes. My request please stop always experiments. I hope This Design change Effect Focus to Envato Elements ? Many authors & users also confused i hope this will effect to future sales.

Congratz @steve_lam @jamesgiroux @collis @BenLeong and team! We’re really digging the new design, looks cleaner and quickly shows more of the items!

Our only concern is the abrupt drop of new items that are showing in the homepage. It went from 40 to only 8 and we’re worried that new items exposure will lower dramatically (even more than the recent lower numbers). Here’s an example by an Elite author:

Depending on the approval rate, and seeing that you are now showing only 8 items, some items will have little to no exposure.

Because of this, we thought of a quick solution that you could implement: mixing the new views with the thumbnail views (here’s a quick sketch)

only adding this 2 lines, takes the 8 items to 36! You can still have the 8 newest approvals showing at the top, and as new items are approved, instead of disappearing, they move into the thumbnails row.

What do you think? :wink:

We also made some quick sketches for the featured block:

With this options, we removed a bit of the white space to add am additional item, and on the bottom options, we made them smaller and added slider arrows so you can have a featured slider with the 10 latest featured, like before (we added a small icon, but you can quickly remove that to have more space)

The best thing of all, is that with this designs, even when we added more rows for new items, the height remains the same as before! Check it out:


Really liking to see changes being made to the layout/design. It was long overdue.

What about adding a block that rotates between all currently trending items (the ones with a small lighting icon)? There must be hundreds of trending items at once and rotating all of them in the homepage could help these items have more exposure.


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My sales completely down after this tests.


You guys take our only hope staying at homepages few days. What we have to do ? 8 items for homepage it is unlogical. I think who design homepage has a 28 inch imac. But a lot of people using macbook pro or laptop. Design maybe good but enough, also it should be more functional. I am very worry to submit new item for few hours stay in homepage? I hope envato hears us and change this home page. It is not good for buyers also for authors. Sales already started to drop :frowning:



Looks great! But I feeling that featured items are too large.

Yes, the same here
When sales ware good, with the change, sales are stopped

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Loving it but I do have a request as well! Please integrate the Follow Feed in the homepage as well. The follow feed is great feature that shouldn’t be forgotten about! :slight_smile:


No Elements banners please we are so sick of them.

Please listen to us!!!x!


Light grey color like in categorie pages here https://prnt.sc/sfvgru looks great then the light blue in homepage: https://prnt.sc/sfvg3z and pure white in this section: https://prnt.sc/sfvi7d

A/B tests are trusted by companies like Google, Facebook, and many more. I hope we will be able to find the right combination that is beneficial for the authors, Envato and buyers as well. Best wishes!


Yes! The homepage definitely needs a redesign. One thing I would like to suggest is please change the title/heading font family as well. The current title fonts are a bit outdated. A contemporary font will make them look a lot better and more connected.

Also, to provide you an insight on the testing, I have noticed that my sales have went down quite a bit, Infact I haven’t received any sale this month but I have good hope in the Envato team.

Good luck and I hope the redesign will benefit both ends - the customers and the authors.

Basit (robustdesigns)

Looking great :slight_smile: Would definitely love to see the follow feed make its way back, though! I think it is a very effective space that we really miss… right now following has almost no value, and I think it is one of the things that repetitive clients look for.


Looks great! But I feeling that featured items are too large.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

This is good testing of designing work. After redesign, our site looks better and impressive.