Default items order is changed

What’s up VH community!
Today I walk into “Logo Stings” as usual and what I have seen is mind-blowing!!
Long story short the default items order is changed from “Newest items” to “Best sellers”

Of course not only in “Logo stings” but everywhere
When you go to see logos from menu the first item you see is Black Classic 3D Logo from the year of 2011

Obviously this’ll be reflected on our new items sales.

And another bad thing as i see it is when customer go check out items from menu he will see old items that out of trend years ago.

So I call you to join me and ask Envato to return newest items as default!


I think it will correct soon

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This is not the first time. I hope it’s just a bug. Envato team, please fix this bug!

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It’s only on videohive, other sites are fine.

Everything OK. Hope it’s was just a bug, and not a testing a new algorithm

for me I still see Best Sellers instead of Newest items…

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Hi guys

This is part of a series of A/B tests we are running across market, previously announced here.

This test applies to category pages and does not affect the search algorithm.


I still too see Best Sellers instead of Newest items on GraphicRiver.
Check via other browsers - too most.

Yes, it does not affect the search algorithm. But it’s not ok for new authors and new items. I think it’s not a good idea. Because when a purchuaser come to the main page, he sees the items, that was in trend many years ago. I hope you turn back to the “newest items” standard sorted.


I really hope that it will remain only as a test. Search traffic is nothing, compared to the New Items traffic, which was the main traffic source for new items.
New Items traffic is a kind of natural selection. New items, if they are good, get sales and appears at the weekly top. If they are really good, they stay at the top for a while, getting buyers attention and more sales.

But now, new items may get lost for potential buyers. It is really demotivating for authors, who wants to create something new.


Also, it is really disappointing now, when I click the “All New Items” button, I get a list of trending items instead of what is written on the button.


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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, this was a bug and has been fixed.

don’t tell me this will be permanently? you will kill us guys :slight_smile: im a new author.

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That’s all!!
Now haven’t reason to create new templates.
It’s looks like Envato suicide!
Very worst improvement!!!
I’m working very long time on new project, but now don’t know what to do.
Upload and get “0” sales?


Maybe they are testing… but i heard from many elite authors that they are also in a lot of disappointment, almost we are near to die :frowning:


Envato. Stop this testing!

to be honest if this remains unchanged then i’m going to move on and start selling somewhere else

my newest item got approved for sale and the page viewes are the lowest i’ve ever seen