Why presrntion default sorted by the best sales, not by new items?

I noticed that many new projects have almost no sales, Is this the reason? so I suggest still sort by new item

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a lot of people think so … there maybe additional issues too but this clearly has an impact somehow

The same thing I have also noticed that new items have got a very few sales!! My Niche is Magazine Template. In the 1st page of Newly approved Magazine Templates have only 2 sales out of 30 items. So I think there may be some issues that we are not clear. It’s ok that at certain time of the calender sales go slow but this slow sale is not considerable. It also disheartens new authors too.

There are very old items that are not in trend anymore. Plus there are lots of items with Happy new year! and Mary Christmas. Based on number of sales all these a items will be there all year long.

Dear Warna Slides for this move actually who become more beneficial? Your sales increase on whose items? Answer is mostly Elit Authors and 5-10 years old items. I believe because of this move the newest Items have not been sold as a result drastically sales dropped and discouraging new qualified authors. If you continue this move then after 10 years you will the same items on the default page. Because of this move Today’s item will not be among the best selling items. So what I mean to say nowadays your business is favouring few elite authors and the best sellers. You are not considering all the new authors who also have potentiality. Because of this sorting system that you adopted customers have been manipulated for particular direction. Very few of them go to change sort by Best seller to The Newest Item or others. You can cross check my claim then you can see maximum numbers of new Items of all categories have been not being sold.

This is my humble request for the sake of just, fair and equality for all the authors of this community please change this default current sort by system.


I agree with all of the above. I found this discussion simply because I was looking for why my sales fell so much, and not only of new products, but also 2-3 months ago.

And I know the reason, mainly in all kinds of changes, such as: changing the site design, search form, product hierarchy, and so on. This has happened before, but everything was restored as soon as customers got used to the new format.

But not now, now new products have no chance of success, get badges and become trendy.

I agree to fix it as it was before!

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Dear Envato, this new sorting is bad for our sales.

Look, these are statistics of views of my new item:

And look statistics of views of my new item, when the default sorting was by newest:

So, new items go unnoticed. Therefore, new items have no sales.

Envato, please think about the little authors. We want to be big authors. We want to do a lot of new items every month. But if they go unnoticed, we lose motivation.

I work on my Graphicriver portfolio full time since January. I really do not want to go back to my freelancing job. But I have to do it to make a living. I would like to continue to be a full time GR author.

Also think about customers. When a customer enters the category https://graphicriver.net/add-ons/photoshop/actions/text-effects
Customer sees items that are published a long time ago and most customers who need them have already bought them.
This can be seen in the latest weekly tops:

Exept the first item, items have 4 sales each. And this is the top for the week!

Envato, please think about all this.
I see sales decrease. I see that my new items have no sales and I’m scared.


I agree!!