Category page sorting by best selling has killed my sales

Hi, I’ve been trying to figure out what the issue was, but I’m now realizing that the reason my sales are down over 50% over the past 2 months is because Envato has made the insane decision to sort categories by total sales by default. And I’m seeing that the only rationale behind this decision is conversions are up, which is an amazingly short-sighted decision which will give newer items less exposure, killing innovation. If newer items don’t take off the way they have in the past, while the older items are given more exposure, how does that make any sense, long-term?

Envato, please turn the categories back to newest by default. This is insanity and I truly can’t believe this decision was even made. I’m a Power Elite author who has been selling here for 7 years now, and I have one last theme coming out very soon. If it doesn’t do well, there’s no way I can stay here even if I wanted to. There have been some extremely questionable decisions made over the years, but this one is by far the most insane one that is completely destructive to the long-term health of this marketplace, regardless of what the current conversions may be.

Please turn it back to newest by default. Please. Thanks.


+1 for this. This is the worst decision i have seen envato make since i joined 6years ago. We miss the old envato. #NewestItemPlease


+1 Newest Items please, let new released themes have sales

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Hi @MVPThemes you are totally right! Sadly, their official response is that if you want more view/sales, then you should advertise more (here’s a quote of the response to low sales/views:)

We (authors) have been battling Envato for months for them to go back to Newest Items filter on several topics

But sadly our complaints fell on deaf ears. We kindly ask you to post this in the current discussion Category Page Update and tag James so this doesn’t get lost, and to get all Power Elite authors opinions in one place. They didn’t hear us, but maybe, you (Power Elites) can make them change their minds :smiley: Thanks!

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As a buyer, I know I’m only one person… But if it’s any consolation, I hate it too. I don’t want the theme that 32,000 other people have on my project… I want to find something fresh and new. So I manually sort by newest items.



+1. Please turn sorting newest by default back.

#1. Please turn sorting newest by default back.

REASON : Some of client are not technical that’s why what happening is they dose not look at out for new item and if they purchase the OLD item with high ratings & Sale but here what happening is Author did not updated the item from last 2-4 year. At that time Code Canyon get bade effect from customer. That’s Why I suggest to set sorting newest by default back.