Category Page Update

Over the last few weeks we’ve received feedback from some authors expressing concern at the decision to switch the default sort order for category pages from newest items as a default page to best selling.

When we approach these types of changes we aim to balance the experience of customers with the long term best interests of the whole ecosystem including authors. We think very carefully about the changes we make, monitor the results and try to mitigate the negative experiences of authors as best we can.

What We’re Working Toward

This year, we’ve been conducting experiments aimed at improving the variety and discoverability of items that are displayed to customers on category pages. Our intention is to remove category filtering options on the first page of category results for all marketplaces and ensure that different kinds of items (new, established, trending, best selling, featured, etc) and curated items are displayed on the same category page, increasing the likelihood that customers will find what they are looking for more quickly than they do now.

New Sorting Design

To provide more balance in the discoverability of items, as an interim measure while the new category page layout is being tested and optimized on ThemeForest, we will be introducing a new pillbox design that will make the selectable options for filtering more prominent and visible to customers. We will continue to have best sellers as the default sort order.

Next Steps

The new sorting design launches today and will start with a two week A/B test to ensure that it does not negatively impact conversion. If all goes as we hope, it will then be rolled out to 100% of traffic on all marketplaces. It will eventually be replaced by the new category page design as and when it is ready.

We’ll continue to update you on the progress of the category page design rollout as we expand it to more categories and more marketplaces.

Common Questions

How can I increase the sales of my newer items that don’t have a track record yet?

Items that perform the best on Envato Market are those that supplement Envato’s marketing activities with their own. Optimizing your pages for SEO, building partnerships with affiliates, running your own marketing initiatives, etc. The best conversion method is to drive traffic directly to your item page.

Relying solely on the marketing efforts of Envato and the category page (which doesn’t see the most traffic) as your primary exposure is less likely to lead to the results you’re after.

My sales have dropped by X% is it all because of this experiment?

One of the challenges with any marketplace is that there are seasonality and environmental realities that impact impressions and sales. March is a traditionally high month for Envato while April is a lower month. Easter happened in March last year and happened in late April this year.

These are just a few of the more common events but other things that can impact traffic are at play as well (price, design, item description, item name, competition, etc.). Any of these things can factor into individual author performance so picking one thing as ‘the’ thing is unlikely to paint the full picture of what’s going on.

Aren’t authors going to stop publishing new items if they don’t get exposure on category pages?

The majority of traffic to Envato Market is not using category pages to find items. We’re hoping that the new sorting design will further improve the ability of customers to find the item they are after, whether that’s new, best selling, trending or best rated.

We highly encourage authors publishing new items to look for additional ways to improve the exposure of their items. Search engine optimization of item pages, item graphics, item page layout, affiliate partnerships, external marketing initiatives all can help new items be successful.

We’ll be around for the next seven days to answer your questions. Please remember our community guidelines as you post.


Thanks for the update @jamesgiroux can’t wait to see the new pillbox design on codecanyon. Newest Items Please


Hello @jamesgiroux

I’m viewing this categor page, there is no trending icon, the items are old …

Can you explain any criteria for an item to be top trending?
Which algorithm to select these items into the top list ( top view, top search …etc )

Thanks for taking the time
Best regards.

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The problem is not only for the newer items. But for the existing items. When you make a search, every single time, best selling items will be shown.

In many categories/terms best selling items = OUTDATED items with outdated design and code, full of bugs.

What about this?

Our suggestion is to only keep the best selling as default only on certain categories (main categories) -> WordPress for example.

This move only updated the design, but the same results for regular users.q


Thank you for the update. The new sorting menu seems like a step in the right direction :+1:

If we’ll need to do most the marketing ourselves to get above minimal results, I see no point for even selling items here with your big cuts, taxes and elements banners.

Im sorry I’m having trouble seeing how this is beneficial to the authors. If you would reduce the cut you take from us or even remove the elements banners from our item pages, maybe it would become more reasonable to bring traffic to our items ourselves.


Hi @jamesgiroux

It’s good to see you care what authors are saying. The “pill” idea is definitely the better way. But there is something you said that contradicts Envato’s “You do the creative. We’ll do the rest.”. Basically, you said “You do the creative. We won’t do the rest. You will also have to do the rest.” If authors are forced to find clients themselves why should Envato get money from the sale when the author has created the product himself and found the client himself? The author gets 100% of the job done by himself.



Optimizing your pages for SEO, building partnerships with affiliates, running your own marketing initiatives, etc. The best conversion method is to drive traffic directly to your item page.


Elements banner - huge barrier to doing such things.
If I will drive traffic to Envato Market I will not in safe cause costumer can click on Gretest Offer Ever with All for just $33/m.


Affiliate system created in manner When costumer (came via affiliate link to Envato Market) click on Elements banner - me or affiliate don`t get any revenue if costumer sign up to Envato Elements Membership. Cause link was Envato Market affiliate link and not Envato Elements affiliate link. And this two programs not connected.

So run any marketing iniciatives with big whole (so many ways where costumer can leave from my page on Envato to get better offer) - looks not appropriate. at least this banner is still hanging.

because in place of the costumer - I would click on that banner and maybe even sign up to membership. offer is really impressive.

Also looks like nothing was changed after this thread.

What you think about that?

If it`s really small percantege of costumers who click on this banner Why you still use this banner in so unrespect manner (on author items pages)?

Message to authors:

5 inevitable stages

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression - I think we on this stage and all will be fine soon :smile:
  5. Acceptance

The best conversion method is to drive traffic directly to your item page.

Yes, super!


Greetings! I am very glad that you think about the new design and improvement of the site. My concern is that the "elements"banner appears on my page. If I do SEO traffic on my own and bring clients to my page, then this banner will take them away from me and clients will go to ELEMENTS. My promotion costs will go in favor of ELEMENTS. I am not a supplier for elements. It seems to me that this is unfair to the authors.


About that, the fact that you closed down this thread without any solution This really isn't fair. We need to solve this! really says it all.

There are so many layers of shady to the way Envato runs their business nowadays, I have literally lost count.


Waiting for it to get implemented in Graphic river

It’s a clear fact that the sales drop is definitely due to the new sorting method, Please goto the category page and see how many 0 sales are there, normally all the items in the page get atleast 1 - 2 sales when they get into the second page in the powerpoint category, here there are plenty 0 sales even in the 5th page. Only 9 members have seen my newly published item how can there be sales ?

Why do you do this to us Envato ? This had being a very nice place for us to make us a living for almost 6 - 7 years for me. The sales drop is dramatic that I don’t even have enough money for my life living next month since I was always thinking this as my main income stream. Can’t find a job even now after being at home for 7 years and into my age

Please envato do something please there is no other option for us to survive.


I am a musician, I never learned to be a businessman. Should I master a new profession in product promotion? Should I stop writing music? :man_shrugging:


What is the meaning of constant perversions and search engine optimization? If you need to keep the buyer and lead him to the transaction you need to fill the site with quality and unique content. On audiojungle full of bad music and the same type of low quality. Maybe is not search optimized, and to enhance the level prinimaesh tracks and cleaning of the portfolios of trash.


Ok, in this case, increase the percentage of royalties to the authors! To be able to invest in advertising and “affiliate partnerships, external marketing initiatives…”. So far, we have seen you take traffic from the main markets in favor of Elements. This is hypocrisy… :rage:


Hey James, thanks for the post. Can we get a direct answer to the following question:

Is it fair that Envato should be asking its authors to spend their own money on affiliate partnerships, advertising and marketing, when the traffic which those efforts drive is very likely to be cannibalised by the Envato Elements banner?

The situation reminds of me of a large burger chain inviting smaller burger vans to sell on their property, as long as they bring their own customers, but then the large chain says, “hey, come in here, ours are 99c”

Could we get a URL query that guarantees no elements banner? e.g – I feel like this would go a LONG way towards helping relations with your authors.

Right now its totally unfair to be asking people to drive traffic to your site whilst you advertise a cheaper solution directly to that traffic, meet us halfway.

Cheers - Tom


Good start Envato! It would be very good to remove Envato Elements banner to separate that two markets and make default sorting to “Newest” items. Then Envato will be like old good times, when authors could earn money.

Also some suggestions about improving user experience in search and browsing:

  • It will be very nice to add “Browsing history” section, so user will see what they browsed
  • “Related to items you’ve viewed” section will be good
  • Newest items is best, but also “Recommended” tab can be added in search results, based on user interests and search request.
  • There are too many methods to show items, that user is interested, but showing items not updated for ages and with outdated design, is not what user want to see.
  • Marketing and SEO is good, but it should not be major factor to have sales.

Does SEO promotion on envato work the same as Google search engines?
Or have their own features?


I totally agree with all authors here. Please remove the Elements banner and make Newest items as a default page. This really isn’t unfair for Authors and Affiliate.


How about a compromise. Add a filter. If a best seller has not been updated in the past 6 months, drop it from the best seller list. Update doesn’t mean changing the preview image, it means improve your item / bring something new. This way, outdated items are out of the question. In the case of WordPress this will not have a massive effect as big authors will always update, but in the case of smaller files and new files this can mean the world to authors that are trying to climb the ladder.

@jamesgiroux, also, please allow me to contradict you a bit. You say we should improve our SEO. Great, I 100% agree with that. How can I compete with the best sellers on Envato if improve my SEO? Surely I can’t get 500.000 or even 78.000 sales if I improve my SEO to have a standing chance to reach the first 6 results in the best selling category. The SEO thing will certainly help, but it feels like the category design favors the oldest items, without a standing chance of new authors ever reaching that level.

I also don’t understand why is every major site using “Recommended” and you guys are not working on doing this as well. Sure, set the best sellers, but use a random system. It’s better to switch between views for the user than setting a permanent best sellers, where the 6 top items will not change in the next 6 years. So for the foreseeable future, for the WordPress category, the 6 best selling items that will always be above the fold in the design, will be the current ones.

Cheers guys! :slight_smile:

Later Edit This would be great to have on code marketplaces, like CodeCanyon and ThemeForest.


Thank you for the improvements you make.
But the interests of all parties must be taken into account
You should not forget that the success of this market has been the effort of everyone from management, authors and customers
Do not destroy this market and refer the majority of the authors to unemployment

I totally agree with all authors here. Please remove the Elements banner and make Newest items as a default page