This really isn't fair. We need to solve this!




I would like to talk about a big problem Envato Affiliates face. (And regular authors)

Here’s what it looks when affiliates bring a new customer to some item on Envato, AudioJungle in this case:

OK, the price is 29$. But look at the top of the page:

Let’s say the customer completely ignores this and still decides to buy this track, here’s what the cart looks like:

So even in the cart, there’s a top banner, and even a banner in the right corner.

I’m not gonna talk here about how that is completely unfair to the authors. That is obvious and it’s been discussed a lot of times. I’m gonna focus on affiliates here.
What happens if a customer decides to click on the Elements banner and sign up there instead? Well, affiliate who brought the customer will get 0$. Envato Market and Elements are still not connected, and if someone comes on Envato Market, decides to sign up to Elements and pays 200$, we get nothing. This really isn’t fair.

Promotion of Elements is so strong across the whole market that I have no doubt a lot of customers ends up there. Don’t we deserve a fair cut in that case? Envato Market and Elements are the same entity, so we bring customers/money to the same company, yet in this case, we are not getting paid. One of the reasons for migration to Impact Radius was to make this possible. I’ve been waiting for 6 months, and I don’t think this is solved yet.

I don’t see video commercials on YouTube and first spots on Google filled with Envato, so I guess Envato’s promotion and author’s sales rely heavily on affiliate work. Please, we deserve to be updated about this and we deserve to be paid if someone decides to click on the banner and signs up on Elements instead of purchasing Envato Market item. And vice versa, if someone brings a client to Elements, and you promote Envato Market items there, we also deserve a cut.
If Market and Elements are impossible to connect, wouldn’t it be fair to at least disable promo banners that take away customers when they come from our affiliate links?

When can we expect this to be solved, and what’s the current status? @emile_b can you please join the discussion?
Also, a few of the Level 8,7 and level 6 affiliates: @MorningLightMusic @muffingroup @wpbakery @Kriesi @themepunch @OlexandrIgnatov @AShamaluev @Andrew_G @Alumo @pinkzebra @kreatura @TimMcMorris @AudioTrend @E-soundtrax @Elfsight @THEMECO @LouisTwelve-Design @ThemeFusion @StereoNuts @dtbaker @sevenspark @damiamio
(Sorry for my bad English, I hope everything was clear)

New Market affiliate program has launched!! 🚀
AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2
Call for Collis Ta’eed, Envato founder:Please Separate Elements!!
Call for Collis Ta’eed, Envato founder:Please Separate Elements!!
AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

It is exactly 100% true here I agree with you. AudioElement - advertisements (one is green, the second is blue, 3 is in the shopping basket. For authors, it does not make sense to bring customers to this market (by referral links) because they see ads, and the authors remain stupid or something like a conductor. Not all authors were invited to the Elements and everyone has a sense of dignity (and no one will bring clients to other authors ) on the Elements, and this is obvious)) Something like this.
No one wants to place referral links while there is an advertisement.


+1 To this important and obvious issue.

I also think that affiliate authors should have the ability to opt out from Elements advertisement if they don´t want to redirect traffic to Elements. Especially you YouTube promoters are harvesting many of the core customers Elements is aimed at.


I’m just gonna paste this here… This is the worst case scenario, if everyone just won the fresh badge and crossed the minimum treshold for the badge. The number is much higher because level 2 is anything between 10-49, level 7 is anything between 1000-4999… And badges are not updated anymore, because everything migrated to Impact platform so a lot of people, including me have old lower affiliate badge on a profile frozen forever.

Level 1 - AT LEAST 3989 customers
Level 2 - AT LEAST 1616x10 = 16160 customers
Level 3 - AT LEAST 541x50 = 22550 customers
Level 4 - AT LEAST 447x100 = 44700 customers
Level 5 - AT LEAST 430x200 = 86000 customers
Level 6 - AT LEAST 205x500 = 102500 customers
Level 7 - AT LEAST 183x1000 = 183000 customers
Level 8 - AT LEAST 32x5000 = 160000 customers

AT LEAST 596.349 customers brought via affiliate links. (Probably millions)
Please treat us fairly like you did before Elements. This is important!


I agree. I was going to inquire about whether or not we get credit for a pathway such as YouTube>AudioJungle>Elements. It seems fair that we should.

I’d like to hear back from staff members, and get this cleared up/fixed.


This is the last response I got a few months ago.
I asked if I would get paid in the case like mentioned in this thread.

Currently this is a seperate program with different links so in the case you just described then no you wouldn’t.
If you use an elements affiliate link then yes you would.
Use Seperate market and Elements affiliate links for now, we are working to combine them.

I was accepted both as Envato Market and Elements promotor on Impact, but combined links still don’t exist. You can choose to link directly to Market or directly to Elements, and I didn’t noticed any “crosstalk” between them yet.

Btw. these are the terms for Elements affiliates.

"## How it Works
The Envato Elements Affiliate Program pays affiliates for sending customers who subscribe even if the customer is a current Envato Market, Studio, or Tuts customer. Even better when you take into consideration our lengthy 60 day cookie window and up to $120 per new subscriber commissions. That’s $20 per month for their first three months as a monthly subscriber or $120 for annual subs."

So, the money we are potentially losing is not pennies. 120$ per annual subscriber, 60$ for monthly. (at least 20$ for monthly if they don’t come back after the first month)

All of you tagged affiliates generate thousands and thousands clicks per month.
Even if only 10 people subscribe to annual elements this way, you just lost 1200$.


Thank you @WaveToys for your message.

I agree.

I did not think about it. I thought it worked for Elements. It would not be bad to combine for Envato Market and Elements.

I also noticed that the badge do not work. It would not be bad to fix them.

Waiting for a response from the team envato.


Wow, thats insane. And absolutely unacceptable. Any chance Envato can trace your affiliate customers backwards in time and pay you for the customers that you have directed towards Elements? Apparently some serious money lost for you guys here.


Kinda strange math here, Envato pays you 120$ for someone who bought 198$ annual subscription which is also divided by 2 for Envato and Authors =)

And 20$ for 33$ subscription…



I didn’t make the rules. You can preview the details here:


I’ve read this) “strange” thing wasn’t for you it’s my surprise


I guess they count on that customer will stay for more than a year and recommend it to others. So long-term, it makes sense I guess.


Strange indeed. It just doesn’t add up.

Did they make a mistake? Are they lying? Are they willingly losing out on those revenue just to push up the number of Elements users? Are authors ok with losing out on those customers?


The same thing is on Envato Market. If elite author promotes his own item, he would get most of the full price because the fee for elite authors is very small. And he would get 30% cut of the full price on top of that.
Yes, it doesn’t seem like a good deal for Envato, but they now have a new customer who will probably return multiple times and buy more stuff and promote them. So long-term this makes sense, and obviously works well. If they were losing money, affiliate program would be shut down long time ago.

I think it’s cheaper and more efficient than to do epic marketing campaigns on Google :slight_smile: When you have an army of affiliates all over the internet, you spread and grow like a virus. Everyone included in the chain benefits at the end. Envato, authors and promoters.


Thanks @WaveToys for your post, 100% agree with you. @emile_b Could you please keep these suggestions in mind? Thanks.


30% is not the same as 60%. Offering 60% for the affiliate means that Envato alone cannot bear the whole cost, like they do on marketplaces. For Elements, authors too have to pay affiliates. Are they aware of that? are they ok with that?

It only makes sense for long term indeed. Subscribers will have to stay in for a second year, for this to work out for Envato. But they don’t know if it works well yet. Elements has not been there long enough. How many subscribers will renew? They have yet to find out.

Anyways, these are digressions, I fully support this topic. I too am an affiliate, though a very small one. Losing a referral to Elements on top of losing the sale, simply adds insult to injury.


Well, maybe Envato pays referral cuts for Elements from their own pocket. They would do this if they hired advertising agency to do this job.


Can I say that this banner is killing the market?


Thanks all for your comments and thoughts here,
I understand the frustrations of some of these technical limitations. It’s something we are still reviewing. The vast majority of Envato’s customers purchase through Market and while there are a small number who choose to take advantage of the Elements subscription offer, most continue through their purchase on Market.

Our teams are continuously working to address this the best way possible.

Thanks for your feedback as always.
Emile & Envato Market Partnerships team


It feels like an unfair marketing practice. That’s misleading marketing. Such practices are especially unfair on the huge number of authors who really produce products that are useful to others and all this makes it very hard to invest into our own marketing!

It’s akin to paying for marketing to direct traffic to our products but in reality you are hijacking our efforts to a separate invite only marketplace, Elements, which seems abusive :sob:

Please fix ASAP.

Why can’t you come up with ideas that benefit EVERYBODY as a whole and not just Envato or a select number of authors. It’s not rocket science really that we learn about it and complain. So why?

With great powers comes great responsibility. --spiderman.