How do we handle paid marketing against the banners Envato puts in the marketplace for Elements?

Say you do a paid campaign and you drive customers interested in your products to your item landing page or directly to the checkout page with the item selection. And then the customer sees the Elements banner and clicks it and uses it instead.

How fair is this against authors?
Did Envato ever considered the impact of this particular action, with all it’s implications?


This topic was discussed before. From what I know it is not possible, Envato is advertising Elements everywhere including in the checkout page :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks for the reply, i did a search before but couldn’t find anything related, do you have a link or anything to point to that discussion?

It’s here Category Page Update

Thank you :slight_smile:

But that thread is closed without any clear answer nor any action.
They say the banners affect only a super small number of customers, like 0.7%. If that’s the case, why not remove them, sure 0.7% is just too small to have any impact.
Entire Envato’s attitude towards authors is such a bad joke…

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Stats can be very misleading. And being misleading is something Envato is really really good at, I’ll give them that. If 0.7% of customers are migrating every day to another competing market, where there is no real incentive to come back to the original market from, is it really a small number? The number also differs greatly depending on what marketplace you sell on. Anyways, not very interesting.

It’s not about stats or sales numbers, it’s about having a minimum respect and business ethics for their authors. But every time an important uncomfortable question is raised, Envato goes straight to ignore mode or close down topics. Whether you are a new author or Power Elite Author.

If you ever question Envato’s decisions (or lack of actions) on this marketplace, 9 out 10 times it can make cynical sense if you look at it from an Elements perspective. Why is there no rush or need to fix a proper affiliate system? Because it in many cases makes authors drive traffic directly to Elements instead where they actually get paid. And as you have noticed, Envato is above average interested in migrating customers from the marketplace to Elements.