Low Sales Problem for Every Author

See this two Screenshots. Is this the main reason of “Low Sales”? If customers gets everything in 16.50 USD/Month, then why would someone buy products?

This feature should be removed immediately. Otherwise it’s loss for every author.



The customers get everything listed in Envato Elements, not the whole market.

How Envato selects Items in the list or to keep out of this list?

They approve author submissions. They don’t pick random items.

Really? Ok.

But if customers can get a huge amount of products only in 16.50 USD monthly subscription, Then why would they buy other products? That is how this policy effects all authors.


A great start would be because Envato Elements has 0 Support for items. Elements caters for a type of customer the Marketplaces for another type! :slight_smile:


If that really is the case enabled then why isn’t the marketing being targeted to the “other type” through different marketing channels? The reality is that the banner add on all markets is essentially trying to persuade all customers to join elements. I suppose we all understood that for the initial 2 or 3 months it’s probably a decent idea to advertise the subscription approach, but when a banner add sits there all day, every day stating “unlimited downloads of Music and Sound effects, etc.” that really is not targeting another customer type. It also clearly misleads many customers into thinking that they can get everything on the market within the subscription. If the banner said " We offer yearly and monthly subscription plans to those who need unlimited downloads of select content, click here to learn more" - That would be a more honest approach and also probably stop potentially lost sales in the market. I do think it’s in every authors interest to sell a license for their item as opposed to guiding customers to the pooled money subscription model. Your thoughts Enabled?

  1. Looking forward to how you see this as even being possible! :slight_smile:
  2. Adapt or perish. That’s what Envato did.

The waters are split here, some authors are getting extra due to Elements, some are seeing falls in sales, in any case…

I do think it’s in every authors interest to keep the marketplace alive. And if that means Elements in the house, it’s a great deal. As some competitors already jumped on a subscription system before Envato, basically meaning, keep up with demand or be late to the party, which is never really the best idea ever.

In any case. I think it’s fairly obvious, Elements is here to stay, it’s been here for more than 2 years and apparently, the world didn’t end, the marketplaces didn’t die. The statement that each serves a different type of customer was and is true. :slight_smile:

Remember, elements is not a democracy and free market for all, it’s a closed market for only those who are hand selected to participate. So how do you suggest that everyone adapt?

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Envato stole all month May of all authors!


I was talking about Envato needed to adapt to market demand.

Elements is a democracy. Elements is based on quality content, based on invites. The definition of democracy isn’t that you can sell and build substandard quality in it. Last time I checked you can’t go to Apple and say “hi, I’m your new CEO”, you can’t plant Strawberries and sell them in a market, you’ll get fined.

Elements works based on an interview, which most markets work on. On Envato Marketplaces, you get the review process, does that mean it’s not a democracy either? Elements is based on an invite. Do you have the quality it takes to get on board? Send a invite request! :slight_smile:

See my point? Cheers mate! :slight_smile:

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There can’t be two different types of Market at the same time by a same company. A tree can’t produce two different types of fruit. That’s not your so called “Democracy”. Democracy means every author has same right. But here customers become interested for “Elements” and never thinks (or re-thinks) about this market.

We worked hard to build a portfolio. But you are now making us fool.

This “Element” system is messing with one another, and mainly collapsing one specific market.


Elements is a democracy. Elements is based on quality content, based on invites. The definition of democracy isn’t that you can sell and build substandard quality in it. Last time I checked you can’t go to Apple and say “hi, I’m your new CEO”, you can’t plant Strawberries and sell them in a market, you’ll get fined.

Come on Enabled. I do have a lot of respect for your intelligence and what you write often does have logic. But based on the way music inside elements was rolled out I do find it interesting that all reviewers and key AJ employees were the very first “invited” as well as very predictable authors who have clearly been favorites of Envato management for many years. It is a market that on many levels looks like a closed club for the privileged chosen one’s.

Anyway, cheers to you. I do realize you are not responsible for various decisions that are getting made at this company. You should lobby for changes in the price because “one size fits all” is absurd. I find it disgusting that companies like microsoft, google, PG, Unilever, and so on…can waltz into elements and get all the digital assets they need for $16.50 a month. It makes sense for the customer running a “from home” cooking show channel, but it’s just so sad that large fortune 500 companies can get the same treatment with pricing.

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The respect is mutual mate! :slight_smile:

Honestly mate, I’d rather we end the discussion here, since this has been debated and redebated and dedebated until the end of all possible logic and illogical arguments.

At the end of the day, Elements is clearly here to stay, and we have to adapt to it!

Cheers mate and have a great week! :slight_smile:

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The fact that no one from Envato is allowed to answer in this thread Call for Collis Ta’eed, Envato founder:Please Separate Elements!!, which is clocking in to be 4 months now, says more then 1000 words.

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I accept elements. I really do. It is here to stay. It clearly is growing, however, we’re not trying to get rid of it any longer. We just do not want our own customers browsing our work to be guided away by a banner ad. Last question: Do we need to “adapt” to an ad on our page forever? Or should the playing field be leveled and a banner add go into elements advertising “more extensive collection of music at audio jungle market for single use broadcast licensing”. That’s my last post in this thread, but one worth suggesting.


First of all, forget Elements. Being reliant on Envato obviously has some risk.

If you’re an original content creator, this market should not be your sole source of income. It is a good way to get attention for your brand, but your primary goal as a creator of goods for sale should always be to find a way to control all sales and not have to give a portion of each sale to someone else.

Of-course, until you can figure how to do that, welcome to being part of the team, each of us bringing our gifts to bear and where competition is tough with margins that are wafer thin :stuck_out_tongue:

Learn to compete or deal with it.

Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses. ~Proverb

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Since I joined AJ in 2015, my life has change. I can make a living from making backsound music, which I never really thought I could do it. Since then AJ has became my only income source. Sales was so easy back then, you can almost sell anything you make. And then Element came on Envato (in 2016-2017 i forgot), I feel so threatened from this business model, and I knew it will heavily impact my sales, so then I decided that I have to save money that I can still get from AJ sales and start another business here in my country, I opened a small restaurant in 2018 which now became my main income source and I’m so grateful that I make that decision. We have to see other opportunities to make money.


Elements have been here for a while and at start I thought it would ruin the market, but as time passed, I noticed it wasn’t the case.
If there’s something to blame for the low sales in the past months, it’s the so called experiment that lead to the best sellers sorting.

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Yes, bad sales for new and also old themes.
Good sales for best seller themes.
From what i heard, this experiment is final. Experiment is successful and will be shown best seller themes.