What happened to Sales!!!

Hey guys any one with no sales these days? I have high quality items but no buyers turning up … whats the matter ??

I have the same - I earned 50% of my normal earnings.

Reasons? I think:

  1. Envato elements - for logic -> I can pay 33$ for one month and I can download all 680.000+ items, templates,videos… offcourse if I can download 22 666 items per day :slight_smile: But anyway, for $33 I have unlimited downloads - I can get what I want and as much as I want.

  2. Even if you make all your items price $1 (for real customer is paying more than $2 because of fees and taxes) you can’t compete with elements because after about 15 purchases I will break $33. So I would pay $33 and download for example 2k items :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am author on envato elements and on envato market so I have comfortable position because I can sell in both markets.

Anyway downtime in sale on graphicriver is obvious.

peace :slight_smile:

FUN FACT -> it is almost unreal to download 680 000 items in one month ( it’s 22 666 items per day). But -> If I buy all year , I will pay only 16.50$ per month. So let’s imagine during this year ammount of items will be about 900 000 - so if I have all year, 365 days, I can download them all for 198$ (+ local tax). :slight_smile:

Open your mind and see the facts :slight_smile:

(PS. all above is my private opinion only).

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That’s a fair point. Elements is amazing, BUT! Elements is subscription based, you subscribe out and bye bye Elements, and let’s not forget a very important aspect.

Envato Elements does not provide technical support for any items
All items on Envato Elements are created by independent authors. Due to this and the nature of our unlimited subscription, we cannot provide direct technical support or advice on the use of items.
We do our best to ensure that items on Elements are of a high quality and free of any technical issues. All our authors are carefully reviewed and maintain a track record of creating error-free, high-quality assets.

Source of Above Quote

Therefore, market sales are still and will always remain sky high. This is a major disadvantage, and, actually, a very logical move based on the quote pasted above itself. It’s only logic. Sure, elements is great for those who are great with code, but most buyers come here with 0 experience! So giving great support, having a great support attitude, and having patience with your buyers, treating them like what they are, people, explaining and offering the best of your product, will always give you awesome sales!

Everyone noticed a spike in sales, I believe the true reason is due to the fact that the birthday bundle was announced, and everyone was waiting for it!

Not to worry though! Things always go back to normal.

Keep creating quality stuff! Keep respecting and treating your buyers as you’d like to be treated when purchasing any product, and only good things can come your way! :slight_smile:

Cheers guys! :slight_smile:

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I always do :slight_smile: you can believe me.

But - you talking about technical support -> yes, you are right at this point 100%. But this works only for coded templates and items that needs technical support.

What about flyer or proposal or menu templates etc :slight_smile: we do not offer technical support as it is on themeforest etc.

And this is the key :slight_smile: Videos, mockups, print templates etc. all this works where you don’t need technical support are more attractive to download via elements for $33, not to purchase at the market :slight_smile:

And this

:slight_smile: If someone want to get 100 print templates like my works from graphicriver he need to pay about 700- 900 us dollars. But if same person pay for one month $33 and can get all of them for this price… this bye bye sounds good, sounds like 800 dollars save :slight_smile: hehehe

Dont forget we are talking here about graphicriver and designs / works which do not need technical support :slight_smile:

peace :slight_smile:

hi Brij
indeed for me sales are normal , did u promote your items properly? it seems to me that u did not add any new item for a good while … it definitely hurts sales when u do not get exposure from newly approved items indeed

indeed we do a bit, not much if compared but when people ask u for links for teh model or a technical information to edit your item, u provide kind of a technical support so to speak … once i even had a customer who bought my item and did not have photoshop … i thus edited for her … but u are right in a general way this is much more limited than for some categories, this is the bottom line