Envato Elements has destroyed Everything!!! #badstep

I just don’t know but since Envato released Elements the autors are destroyed and i see that everyone is not having sales like before. I really think envato team is good but sometimes making new stuff will hurt and destroy many things like Envato Elements.

From the day Elements came i have sell only $16.50 lol whattt i know it’s so low and very sad but it’s the truth.

I have no more interes to make a new item and maybe the day to leave Envato has come!

I wish you all the best good members :blush:


Sorry to hear that, @goldenx… And there’s nothing to advise in this case…

Sorry to hear that. For now graphic designers lost sales and soon HTML and CMS developer will lose also. Good site for buyers but not a good idea for authors. Sure problem is $$$.

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Completely agree with your statement…Not even mine bt i found lots of other authors sales are down due to envato element launch…its not worth it…The similar items sales are down due to element

Need answers from Envato members for this situation.


They certainly have killed the HTML category on TF so im sure the same is happening in other areas :frowning:

What REALLY annoys me though is how they are not even letting ALL authors onto Envato Elements, so they are basically saying a massive ‘screw you’ to authors they dont feel deserve to be part of it.

its only going to get worse too - time to remove yourself from this forsaken hole asap.


No it’s ok, but i’m sad to see everybody facing this problem :confused:

Yes themes and all categories will fall into this issue!!

hah, I was selling at least 1 psd per month before, and I was wondering why no sale since end of August :slight_smile: this is the answer.

@phoenixcoded none of people i have know here is having sales since Elements release! this can be fixed only if Elements go down, there is no different solution.

@DistinctiveThemes you can’t get in touch, i have been watching Envato for 2 years and i have seen sales going up and down but getting down and destroyed like this 'never!!

Your problem sounds similar to mine :stuck_out_tongue:

This also affected Envato Studio authors as well I guess?

@Brandbusters i think is affecting everything, my newest topic has been closet (locked) and hidden from Envato Team cuz i dont need to tell the truth. I don’t have a right to talk i’m sorry to say that but this is really painful.


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Since elements was launched we have seen a greater than 50% loss in sales. Envato Elements has killed us also.

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Keep on creating guys ! enjoy whatever the sales are… this is market, ups and downs …
just take off the negative energies and keep on creating for fun, experience, portfolio, share
your works, do better and better … I wish I have enough time to create more, long full time
employment is a great obstacle to creativity ! Just forget about money, it comes and goes …


I think the problem is the price… Is to low for unlimited… Should be over, 100 usd and then is ok for us…

Hope they fix this but i dont think so…


they reduced original price
and you expect them to raise? :confused:

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