What happens to the Envato Market ???

Considering that last couple of months Graphicriver (and I believe the rest of the market) does not work well in terms of selling and traffic does it make sense to work here at all, I ask myself because some improvements are not in sight…

I would love to hear some reason why the situation is bad for authors and that they are not holidays as reason and similar.
Noticed that the quality of the item dropped drastically in the categories I follow, so almost the same items are approved every day, does Envato wants to force Elements even more at a price quality on Market (isn’t banner enough)???

I would love to hear what other authors think of everything because the Market is slowly collapsing …




I agree with this, but then why various tests on Market in terms of improvement and many authors earnings have drops or it is a goal… Unfortunately the market is no longer even close to the previous one.

I have no idea what is going on… and Envato is dead silent…


Do not worry. I have the same problem and the same thoughts, but it seems to me that it is related to the holiday season because every July and August is quite a significant downtime in sales.

Go to the Earning tab and compare this period with other years. I suspect you have similar results.

It’s a little deeper, this problem has been going on for a couple of months now where earnings and traffic drops by more than 50% and there is no improvement at all.

In my last eight years there has never been such a drop on sale… the weekly average of my items sold was about 40-50, it is now 10 to 15 and like I said it has been going on for months.


You make interesting templates, but I think the biggest problem is with the competition. I think there are more and more authors who want to make money on Envato Market and Elements in this way.

Hi friends & Envato staff.
Let me tell you this:

I have been selling on Envato for years, and I don’t even remember the number of times I have emailed the staff about so-called “authors” who were blatantly copying their own templates (and others’ work, obviously) and selling them on the marketplace (selling them on other online marketplaces as well while they claimed to be “exclusive” to ThemeForest), publishing so-called “new” templates almost on a weekly basis, crowding the marketplaces with items that looked exactly the same. It was so obvious, it was crystal clear. And guess what? Those people are still selling here.


I understand what you mean but I can’t agree with that completely, literally the traffic dropped overnight when testing began a few months ago and nothing has been fixed since then, page traffic is low…

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Dgas99, In my opinion, Envato switched their forces to the Elements and spend less energy on the Market. Judging by the category “Popular items”, this is a problem for all authors.

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I was always surprised at this too. The elements thus turned into a huge trash heap, but most likely they are not going to put it in order.

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You’re right, think the same but I wanted to hear other opinions…

And you know what? Think about this: I was so incredibly afraid that one of my templates would look like another fellow author’s work, I had been checking almost every single template in order to come up with something “original.”

Meanwhile those “copycat” authors didn’t even care, and for some reason were “allowed” to do what they did and probably made lots of money in the process.

So sad.

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Yes, that huge banner is still there.
Edit: Of course its being on top of every single page (including authors’ own items’ pages) is not the only drawback of Elements: It has incredibly cheapened the entire industry.

Yes, sadly… I follow the addon category and almost every new item approved is Oil Paint, Smudge Paint and similar, changed preview image but action is probably the same (made with no effort at all) and then such item envato promotes… I make a similar effect to see what happens and of course only collects dust. :slight_smile:

This marketplace shouldn’t have been a place where copycats got rewarded.

I have been raising this point since 2017 when all these so-called ‘AUTHORS BENEFIT’ changes started to happen but nobody cared. Now we have started to use our time on other income sources after working exclusively for Envato Market for more than 8 years. The sales we are currently getting here can’t meet our expenses. As I said many times, Elements will eventually eat up this beautiful marketplace and will leave thousands of authors like us at a point ZERO. In few years we will see themeforest is redirecting to [link rmoved] :laughing:


As I told many years before when you can easily earn $700-1000 / month in GR with few items. Do not keep all the eggs in the same basket. I’m non-exclusive author here, Elements and other 5 marketplaces. As we can experience a steep decline in sells Envato experience the same. Elements it’s just another business model. Envato it’s a huge business so if a marketplace doesn’t produce enough money they will do changes even if we (authors) are not ok with that.


Totally agree with you…

Sorry I disagree.

Envato has just chosen the easiest route.
“Let’s give away almost a marketplace for a few bucks”

It should have been handled much better.
Authors deserve better than that.
(I don’t even want to get into that banner on top of each page which makes any attempt at promotion useless - so we can’t even promote our items because that banner is everywhere, confusing the potential customers)