Is it all over?? (Elements and Market Earnings)

Hi friends. sales in envato market have seriously decreased, element earnings have also decreased. Do you think Envato has a plan to ensure continuity? Will it be able to convince authors to produce in this situation and not to remove their projects?
is it

I am super worried too.

I have 100 assets now and I am making the same amount of when I had only 10 assets here.
90% decrease? Who can be happy with it? As they never answered it clearly, I started to explore other platforms too.

I keep publishing assets every week here, and also trying to push the quality to achieve better rankings. But it is true, I would like to have a good answer from them. Let’s see, let’s wait. I think Envato used to be the best one in the market.

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Is not over, is just evolution, Envato is matured I am sure things will be better but your products must be top notch, it dose not work with mediocre stuff…

About Elements of course it is less more and more products are added in all those millions of files it is becoming a gamble to find your file.

Elements were made to profit Envato 100%, author dose not matter… and the fault is yours because you accepted to sell in it!


It’s crazy how some authors don’t seem to grasp this concept.

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