Envato Elements: Worth for VH Authors?

Hello VH authors. Of course we know Envato Elements is worth(how it is!) for buyers. And for authors? The perfect way would be our revenue stay stable, but…anyways… let’s put here our selling impressions.


I share my pain with you guys


So yes for buyers it’s like having won the lottery, for us…we’ll see.
I’m in a weird situation because my entire portfolio has been added automatically to Elements, so everytime I upload something on Videohive it goes straight to Elements…I wonder what will happen when all of my Videohive customers will discover Elements? Will it be still worth for them to buy on Videohive? Of course not…so what will it happen to my earnings?
I’m afraid that every sale I make on Elements it’s a missed sale on Videohive… this is not going to be good in the long run I guess…


for summer sales, we hardly understand whether there is a drop. It is necessary to wait for autumn.

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Hi Rickyloca, where is the sales monitor in Elements? Thank you.

If you know what’s coming your way, why do you still partake in this?

The subscription model is always bad for authors and ever getting worse. The only way to save ourselves is not to feed this monster with our assets.

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@imatco From Elements main page https://elements-contributors.envato.com/ on the left side you can see the earnings reports! =)

@PurpleFogSound Even though I don’t like the fact that all my portfolio is added automatically to Elements I’ve decided to give it a try just because I had the opportunity to do so. I still don’t know if it’s going to work in the future, 1 week in is not enough to judge it but I can already tell that I haven’t had a good first impression at all!
0.05$ for a sale it’s painful to watch!
It’s still not clear to me how Elements is not going to compete with Videohive…I mean, being on Elements I’m a competitor of myself! And what if the entire market will eventually turn into subscriptions?


Painful indeed… insulting and infuriating too… such a shame!

I really doubt it’ll get better in the future. In fact, I don’t see how it could get better.

The subscription is always the death of authors. And of course Elements will cannibalize sales from the Marketplaces, saying it won’t is a lie from Envato to cajole authors, as it makes no sense whatsoever. As Elements’s catalogue grows, only occasional buyers will use the Marketplaces. Professional or otherwise serious buyers will go for Elements. Can’t blame them… I sure can blame Envato though!!


Well if I could choose which item to add into Elements like AE authors do, it would be a different story. But how it can be profitable for me having an entire portfolio on both sides it’s still beyond me… It’s useless now for my VH customers to buy 4K footage cos they can get unlimited downloads and download my entire portfolio for almost the same price…It’s a super deal for them and a super loss for me!
Envato must explain me what are the benefits for me because so far I see none! Except those 1.29$ I made in one week! :joy:

First rule of Elements, never talk about Elements (with customers)!


To be honest, as a regular VideoHive buyer I was excited at first when it was added to Elements. But, I don’t like the layout, couldn’t find what I wanted there, so for now I’m still on VideoHive. I don’t mind the price at all if I find an amazing template.


Hey thanks for sharing :slight_smile: We rarely get the opportunity to hear from buyers


Well, I’m also AudioJungle author, so I’m on the forums a lot :slight_smile:


If Envato are offering unlimited download rather than 30 or more per months depending on subscriptions then it’s no longer interesting for client to buy from the market, in this case, i think authors should limit the element files into light small project, and keep sophisticated and heavy pack on VH. it’s win win for the clients and the authors.

but for this we need to have a separate upload channel for element.

no turning back for Envato anyways so any sugestions ?


Hi Authors,

We’ve responded to some similar questions and concerns around earnings in Elements, so we wanted to revisit the way that we explain how earnings work for authors who are new to Elements in this forum thread here.

We want to address that the recent video earnings that have been shared on the forums do not accurately represent what you can expect to receive as an author on Elements. This is because these earnings were generated from a very small portion of beta test subscribers, at the tail end of the monthly cycle and prior to any Marketing activities that kick-started the launch of Video Elements at the start of June. They also do not include the monthly contributor bonus.

As spacestock & creattive have noted, due to the nature of how subscriber share earnings are calculated, Elements payouts are on a delayed cycle – the payout that was processed this month in June is only for subscription periods that started in the month of April, before the official video launch.

Next month’s payout for all subscription periods that started in May will be substantially higher, although it will still only reflect a partial earnings period for video. The following month payout (processed in August, for subscription periods starting in June) will be the first full earnings period for video following its launch, and will be a much better representation of what you can expect to earn on Elements. It should only get even better from there as the subscriber base continues to grow.

We know that this has caused some confusion and for that, we apologize. Hopefully, this will now help to clear things up. Earnings will increase as you move through full payout periods and as we’ve seen with other launches, we think that more subscribers will be attracted to the offering, further increasing author earnings over time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out below or visit the Author Help Center for more information. We will do our best to answer your questions as soon as we can. Thanks.


And the number of available items will remain the same? Or does the number of downloads not affect author’s share?

For those who earned $1.99 on those partial results what can they expect on full results?

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I’m not concerned about the total earnings that are so small, I’m concerned about the fact that I produce items that customers out there use and in return I get 0.05$… How long will it take to my videohive customers to realize that Elements exists? What’s gonna happen to my earnings in VH when all my customers are not going to buy 4K items anymore in favour of subscriptions?
You said that Elements is not going to compete with VH, but since all my VH items are also in Elements, who is the kind of customers that buys item on VH instead of Elements? And why should they buy my item on VH instead of Elements?
You are using motion graphics and stock footage to lure customers to Elements right?

Are you sure you haven’t doomed authors like me who produce stock footage and motion graphics to failure?
Because I’m an author, but from a buyer point of view there’s absolutely no reason for me to buy stock footage on VH anymore if Elements exists!


This link doesn’t work

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only elements authors can see that part of the forum.

@mass-media That link goes to a comment from @devotchkah, who put together this infographic to explain the payment cycle:


In this example, you have customers who started their subscriptions at different points in February. We track all downloads from each of these customers for a full month, in order to calculate the subscriber share for each author. If a customer started their subscription late in the month, we don’t have all the data on their downloads until late in the following month.

For that example, authors are paid for all “February” subscriber downloads during April.

Hope that helps to explain the timing of payments, and the reason why there is a delay before earnings are paid. It’s made more complex by the subscriber-share model, but we believe that model is the fairest way of paying authors on Elements. If you’re interested, there’s a more complex description of how it works here.


Hey, looking at my items on Elements, the entire description page is missing and since it does not appear in the contributors dashboard I am unable to add one. It would be really smart if you at least would add a backlink to the videohive-page so they can get the info they need. Else all that hard work done on our sales pages is literally for nothing.

Not just the sales aspect, but important info is now left off, like what is and isn’t included, where to get the music, and any other important info.

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