Envato Push for Elements and Their Failed Strategy?

Dear authors,
as you probably noticed, when you start to sell an AE project on VH you pay 6$ “buyer fee” and 30-12.5% “Author fees”.

That means, if you upload some smaller project, which is selling for let’s say, 15$ then your share is 7.8$ what is only 52.5% as elite author or 6.3$ what is 42% as new author.

Selling an item for 12$? your share is 43.75% elite, 35% new author.
Only when you start to sell projects that are 30$ or higher then you start to be above 70%

I get it, this was push to sell small projects on envato elements. But how it turned out?

Elements is full of big pack of icons and other big projects that were dumped there because the were not selling on VH. It does not make sense to upload there some small intro or small project dedicated to some niche.

So my question is: What are envato elements administrators doing? Do they have some clear goal how this marketplace should look like or it will continue to be just a dumpster for VH.

Thinking about authors. How much traffic you get for the 60-30% you pay to envato? Putting those “authore fee” money on campaign can bring you a whole lot of buyers anyways. Plus, you can have full freedom to manage things on your website, and there are also tax deduction benefits you can use.

Dear authors, let me know what are your thoughs and experience selling motiongraphics, what kind of obstacles you have to come across and hopefully we can share some ideas and help each other.

Want to have more traffic per money? Delete elements banner? Crypto payments? Let’s have some space where you can say it!

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YEAH!! I say us authors we gather and we make our own marketplace. We’ll call it envato2.com

And if that doesn’t work we’ll make another marketplace called envatoRESURRECTION.com

And we’ll finish off with envatoRETURNOFELITE.com

What do you think fellow authors?? RISE UP


Or we rob a bank? :smiley:


Most of top authors I’ve talked to are already building their future products to be sold only on their own websites so maybe soon we will have more sites like videocopilot :slight_smile:

Hey that’s excellent news. More sales for the rest of us. WE MADE IT


Edit: Im just poking some fun. To be serious, you don’t have to look further than top authors to understand that envato offers a client base bigger than any other marketplace. There are teams of people that have dedicated staff or outsourcing to ad campaign agencies, and those teams STILL sell on envato. Why is the top selling item on videohive not selling independently? Because envato has the bigger client base. And all this client base is given to you for your commission fee. I’m totally fine with that. If I’d sell independently I’d make 10 times less than what I make here, WITHOUT including cost for website maintenance, ad campaign etc.


plus Envato is a trusted brand for customers, it is easier for average customer to buy here vs noname website


To upload on EE? It makes sense to upload small items in terms of time spending on item creation / income from this item. But 95% of such items won’t have success on VH