Invited to Join Envato Elements, but..

Seeking input from other Envato Element authors. Yesterday I finally got an invite to sell on Envato Elements. I have been eager to sell on there for quite a while. I remember seeing that invited authors could select items from their portfolio they wanted to sell on Elements. I currently have 260+ stock footage items in my portfolio, 50% of which I would gladly put on Elements. (To keep it fairly balanced.)


With the invite I got, apparently now you have to allow ALL of your items to go on Envato Elements. What they are calling an All-In Deal. :roll_eyes: Also, all of my new uploads would automatically be available on Elements as well…

The All-In Deal immediately stuck me as a bad idea. If a person wants to buy 2 of my clips, they might as well just join Elements for $33 for one month… and download every clip I have. :astonished: …and people will do that. I mean, why wouldn’t they?

So… is it still worth it? Is it easy to opt-in, and then opt-out of Envato Elements if I don’t like the results?

The payout methods seem overly complicated and vague. And I have to imagine most users spam download tons of clips, so the subscriber share is pennies a clip by the end of the month.

It was always “all-in deal” for Motion Graphics and Stock Footage. Only AE templates, premiere pro, etc. may be selected individually.

I see. :grimacing: I feel like that isn’t ideal for authors. Thoughts about Envato Elements now? I saw on the forum you had some comments last year, curious about how it has progressed.

Currently I think that Elements has more opportunity than Videohive. Of course it happens because Envato shifts its effort to Elements and drops Main Market to the abyss.
But I don’t think that Elements is good for all items. For best and exclusive things I will better find another market as we can’t choose which item to upload on Elements.
For you I recommend to join Elements and see how your earnings will grow. It’s not a matter of how much people pay for your clips, it’s a matter of how much you will get from that deal. Anyway you can leave Elements at any time.


I make more on Elements than I do on the marketplace. About twice as much. That’s with my motion graphics clips. Not ideal that you can’t choose what you put on there, but you will make more on Elements and Videohive combined, than you will on just Videohive.

Not sure why they wouldn’t, but they don’t! Well, some do, but people are still shopping on Videohive.