Sales drop since Envato Elements was added

I’ve been selling on VideoHive pretty regularly for the past 5 years. Not full-time, but some great passive income. Each year, I have had fairly steady gains, as I added more stock footage to my portfolio.

However, from last year to now, I have witnessed my sales drop 75%. A staggering amount. The biggest change I can think of since that time has been the implementation of Envato Elements. …Unfortunately, I have not received an invitation to sell on Envato Elements. I have applied to sell footage on their twice, but have not had luck. Even stating I would have 100+ clips from my current portfolio, ready to go, should I get approval.

Obviously, because of this drastic change, I’ve had to venture out and sell on other platforms. I started selling on Adobe Stock about 1 year ago as well. And surprisingly, I’m now making more monthly revenue on Adobe Stock, than I am on VideoHive (because of the 75% drop in sales.) Something, I never dreamed would be happening. I feel like Envato Elements has crippled mid-tier authors. After VideoHive finally got their act together and fixed the 120+ day stock footage review periods (the dark times…), now to be greeted with fast reviews, but tanking sales.

It is sad to see Envato dropping the ball like this. I’m going to gear content where sales are happening. And Adobe shows a lot of gratitude to sellers, even running promotions giving them free Creative Cloud memberships worth $600, when they sell $500 worth of clips. (Clips average around $50, so you can imagine, it doesn’t take long to sell $500+.)

Any valuable input or commentary from the community would be appreciated. Curious about other users sales, who are not selling through Envato Elements.


Yes, recent sales are really disastrous. At least this is what the authors have written. I’m in the same way my sales are really bad.

On the first page, the best sellers appear, the elements such as Elements we have affected the authors very badly.

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Not to mention the big Elements banner on top of Videohive :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Yeah me too i have noticed the same. I suggest that Envato elements must be a market apart

It is a “market” apart, is a subscription model, not like Videohive

:sob::scream::broken_heart:I also encountered such a catastrophic problem. Sales fell like a cliff. In general, there used to be 20-30 sales per week, but now, maybe only 3-5 sales per week, my God! Some of the authors I’m following are in the same situation. I can see that the situation will be worse in the near future. Can’t envato market do anything for our authors? This is a huge group!

Me too