VideoHive has become uncompetitive.

I’ve been on Envato for 7 years and recently became an Videohive author as well.

But the problems that has besieged Envato in recent years is unfortunately also on display in VideoHive.

  1. Declining year over year sales with little traffic.
  2. Unable to upload without errors.
  3. Arbitrary decline of footage of extremely hight quality produced on equipment that is officially accepted on Netflix and Warner Bros.
  4. Uncompetitive payout rates compared to other industry leading stock footage companies.
  5. Poor submission UI and workflow for authors. Competitors have far more effective automated steps to achieve the same results for uploads such as metadata extraction, leading to significant increase in productivity and accuracy.

I usually don’t gripe on the forums, but if anyone has been feeling like Envato has been in decline for a while, you’re not wrong and you’re not alone.

I wish everyone the best of luck!


Absolutely. As soon as Envato Elements was introduced, that was the beginning of the decline. Envato tried to spin it that Envato Elements would only help increase author payouts. We can see the longer term effects of Envato Elements now. Sales on VideoHive are nonexistent compared to what they were before. And the Envato Elements “contributor bonus” system has also collapsed because Envato kept adding more and more authors to Elements, which splits the “contributor bonus” money up more ways. (The contributor bonus was their big selling point for why authors should join Envato Elements.) “Don’t worry that you are getting pennies per clip, we’ll pay you a big contributor bonus every month!”

For myself, the monthly contributor bonus used to be around $150.00 to $200.00 per month when Elements first launched. Now the bonus is around $30.00 per month. Hardly enough to motivate me to create and submit 10 brand new motion graphics every 3 months just to qualify for a $30.00 bonus.


You are absolutely right.
I can no longer sell on videohive as before.My sales dropped 80% despite more videos.
Nothing is like before.Videos are sold cheaply and there is no circulation.
I hope they find a solution.