Elements Strategy for video authors

Hello to everyone,

I wanted to know some experiences and strategies of Videohive authors about selling their products in the market and publishing them in Elements.

Have you published your whole portfolio in Elements and if so has it had a noticeable effect on market sales?

Or have you just published some products of your portfolio in Elements?

I appreciate the opinion of all, maybe I would understand more about the best strategy for Envato Elements.

Hey, some people publish only their least selling projects on Elements, while keeping best sellers on Videohive. My personal opinion is that the more of your projects you can have at the more marketplaces and visible to more customers - the better. After all, elements earns more than videohive. Unless you’re an elite author (who gets 70% from sale price), and your items have hundreds of sales, and still are generating sales consistently to this day, then yes maybe money wise keeping them only on videohive makes sense. But then again you have no idea how much money these projects would make on elements and how much it at all, would publsihing such projects to elements impact your videohive performance.

After all some customers would rather buy one project once for 14 dollars, than pay much more for a subscription, which maybe they don’t even need.

As for if sales decrease after you put your projects to elements… Maybe, but it’s hard to tell, unless you’re a wizard and can for sure predict what would happen if this or that. Else sometimes projects die on their own on videohive, without elements. Other times, both videohive and elements earn a lot money for a project. And other times the projects don’t sell on neither of the marketplaces :smiley:

So up to you what to do.


Adding to Atamotions points:

In general I guess you can say that it makes hardly any sense to put up an item on elements that you offer on videohive for more than 30USD. So at the point when a monthly subscription (that can be cancelled instantly) is cheaper, you will probably lose a lot of sales for your item.

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Thank you for your opinion @Atamotion

@Creattive Yes I thought of this part. I just wanted to know about projects below 30 usd which generate sales regularly in the market, are they worth publishing in elements as well? I know that no one can know how elements can affect the sales of the market, but therefore I wanted to hear different experiences to understand more about it. Thank you for your opinion.