Envato Elements Earnings ( my target)

Hi! I wanna reach 1000$ earnings at a month from Elements.(now nearly 300$) How money projects do need? What should i do? Which projects popular at now? Can you give advice to me?

I am a bit joking, but the answer is very simple - make asap a huge cool trendy diversified professional portfolio.:ok_hand:

This type of discussion is prohibited by forum rules

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Discussing tips and ideas for improving earnings is fine - it only becomes a problem if people are making suggestions or recommendations about setting prices.

If you’re a Stock Footage author, check out the new Commercial Demand Guide - it’s just been published, and has the latest information on the types of subjects, shots and styles that we know customers are currently licensing.

If you’re a Motion Graphics author, you can see the kinds of items that are currently selling well on VideoHive: https://videohive.net/top-sellers

Elements trends may vary a little (both the library and customer base are a bit different), but the VH top sellers will give a good indication of the types of content that are performing well at the moment.

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What @Grandphic is saying is ok in my opinion, there´s nothing wrong about asking other authors for advice related to trends, number of items to upload (not pricing), etc


Ok. So I was wrong. Sorry

Unfortunately, making a top seller similar item does not guarantee it will get the same sales.

ıf you reached 1000$ at one month from Elements. Can you say to me (how many item have you got?) Can you give me example? :slight_smile:

Sent you PM.

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Another example?