Is Envato Elements a good source of income?

Hi, have you added your projects to Envato Elements? Did you get at least 20% of regular sales per month?

!!!What are the negatives?

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Depends on the quality of the products you’re offering overall. There are authors who got 200% of their portfolio, there are authors who got 20% and there are authors who got 2%. It’s all a matter of trying and offering the best possible quality.

As with any service, it’s based on competition. Competition where price is no longer a key factor in purchase decision will be based on the quality of the product.

So to keep things as short as possible, yes, Elements is a great source of income if you provide great quality and can compete with already existing items. No, Elements is not a good place for income if you’re offering the same thing others are offering at a lower quality.

Hope it makes sense!
Cheers! :slight_smile:


Thanks for a detailed answer. One more question, the projects you add to Elements, they are still sold on regular videohive, ie they don’t disappear and sold only on Elements?

Same items can stay in both sites, Videohive and Elements, and can be sold in the usual Videohive way or downloaded from the subscription model of Elements.


in Average my EE income is the same as on VH. Now as VH sales are lil bit falling, EE is kept it strong with lil growth. And January income will be higher on EE than on VH.

P.S. You can get there only by invitation or you can send request for joining. But frankly speaking, you have low chances to get accepted on Elements as your latest item was uploaded only in 2017.

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How do you know that’s the case?
I plan to upload a few projects in the coming months. Is it faster to get in with an invite?

There is a queue of Authors waiting to be accepted on Elements, lots of them have more fresher portfolio, so it might be a long wait

Got it, thanks.

I was invited to join EE in mid-December 2019, and I am still a newcomer. In the past month, all my 485 stock videos had only 13 sales on Videohive, with an average of only 3 sales per week, and total revenue was only $ 109 (just 1/4 or 1/5 of the previous month’s income), This was my worst month in two years. But on EE, they perform well and have a stable income every day. At present, the income is almost 400% of videohive. In the last month, I added 13 new stock videos, and if I add the contributor bonus, it is another good income. So, I think EE is really a good source of income,I am very happy to be able to join EE.


How do you get an invite?

Here is the link


Envato official staff contact me via email.

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I have not yet had the courage to submit a design to Envato Elements. Many high quality design ready I will try to submit to Envato Elements.

Trying is the only “for sure” method of measure your products success! Good luck mate! :blush: