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Hi friends. I have a question. I’ve been publishing projects for elements for a long time, but they don’t move me forward. As if there was an invisible border. My goal is to make $2,000 a month, is it possible for me to achieve this? Are there any authors among us who have earnings in this area? Thanks

I did earn $2000 + plus last two months but it is due to seasonal items. Elements is a quantity game, just produce more. Try to convert your items in different category like Resolve & apple motion.

Even with this, there is little growth with single marketplace.


Thanks a lot. I sent message from dm.

You have a great 200+ items portfolio and you say 2k per month is a rare result? Lol, I guess I’ll just stop trying.

How can I see the portfolio from the authors forum? When I click in the person name, I just see a profile description. Can you explain me? @IVavryniuk @santoshw7885 @Grandphic

Just keep uploading :slight_smile: You will hit any target you set yourself if you are determined enough.

I would recommend trying some different types of items too. Your portfolio seems to be mostly very cool glitchy logo reveals, which according to the Trends & Insights report has “high” supply and “neutral” growth (screenshot) - so you’re facing a lot of competition.

Perhaps, by trying some other item types, you might find something which has much less competition/lower supply but still a good demand.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thank a lot :slight_smile:

Sometimes quality is also the name of the game.