Does Elements earning Improves on a monthly basis?

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I’m kind of new to element and I don’t understand how the earning works, does element earning Improves every month?


Congrats on joining Elements!

Envato pays Elements Authors 50% of the net subscription revenue from subscribers who have downloaded the items which you publish during the previous month to your payment, split amongst other Authors from who the customer also downloaded items during the last month before your payment.

So, lets say a customer downloads one of your items during a month and does not download anything else that month, this means you will get 50% from his subscription payment during the next month’s payout period. If the customer downloads also other items, you will split the money also with other Authors from who the customer downloaded items.

Check this detailed article about earnings on Medium.

And read also the official report about how Envato Elements earnings are calculated, here.


Thank you for your response, I have actually gone through the Envato Elements earnings articles and I’m familiar with how the earnings are calculated,
My question is, based on you guys experience, do earnings increase every month?
let’s say my total earnings after the first month is $200, will the earnings increase to say $230 or more in two or three months?

Well, to increase revenue you should publish more items on Elements and also increase traffic to the items you already published, by the use of promotional methods.
If you don’t do this, earnings will rise until they hit a plateau, after which they will stagnate. However, unfortunately I cannot tell when earnings in your case will hit the plateau, as this differs for each Author.

Short - no.

My best months are Jan and Feb this year (2022). After that I have added a lot of items but my earnings are “stable” but it is less then Jan and Feb. In other words - all new items which I am adding are “keep” my earnings “stable” (and I am adding a lot).

Also, Jan and Feb are winter months for Europe countries and US and more people are at home/office (in front of the computers) and on other hand, now we have all this situation with war/economy. But also the “Black Friday” is coming - the number of customer will probably rapidly increase.

So, there is no guaranteed growth - many factors can affect earnings (all above + number of new Authors and new items on market in compare with number of new customers).

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