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Hi everyone!

Exciting News! We’re always looking for ways our Authors can earn more and as part of this we’re trialling a new Envato Elements Author Referral Program.

For this trial we’re seeking a handful of Authors to work with, specifically Authors who may have friends that would like to earn more in the creative stock space.

We want the Elements Author Referral Program to be an easy way to introduce high quality creators to join Elements & boost their earning potential and you’ll earn some extra income in the process. Win win.

Therefore, as part of this program, you can make an extra 25% bonus on each new referred Author’s usage earnings* for a whole year! AND the new referred Author will also receive an additional 25% bonus on usage earnings for their first 12 months too!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then head on over to our Elements Author Referral Program blog article to learn more about how it works and to apply.

For more of the fine print check out the referral Terms & Conditions.

*usage earnings relates to the earnings an Author makes each month from subscribers


Does this means that we can except a new influx of authors now? Earnings are going down already and sadly with this move you’re not helping.
Can you confirm that the subscribers base is growing proportional with the authors ? Since a lot of authors are complaining about massive drops in earnings?


Yes. The big drop is coming. It’s a hidden way to invite existing authors from Audiojungle who wasn’t invited to EE.


With a recent forums opening to everyone and this affiliate program now a little more clarification would be nice @BenLeong could you clarify this a bit more?

Hey @MusicDog As we’re only trialing this idea for now we don’t expect to see a large increase in the number of new Authors who join each month & it wont be something that will impact earnings. If the new Authors who apply through the referral links do have high quality content & meet our requirements to join, then yes we will invite them to Elements.


We will be bonus 25% of sales in the first 12 months of per new author’s referrals?
This has too little and creates competition for myself?
I think it needs more than 24 months. (Earnings in the beginning of the new author will be very few.)

Ok thanks for the feedback

What’s going on, there are no more existing authors on the market to lure into EE?

Why should I invite some to EE who become istantly my competitor? for a 25% commission that’s not going to cover even a fraction of the loss I will get in the next years?
Have you thought about the process?
So you expect us authors, to tell people who have never sold an item on the main market, to upload their files to VH first, where item are priced like 20$ and make less than 10$ per sale, but then they go automatically to EE where subscribers can instead buy their entire portfolio for 15$ max?

But hey, you can make 25% more in the first year!
Who on earth with a functional brain could actually accept this deal? I’m surprised you are even proposing this to us.

Anyone who already sells digital items online knows about EE, and those who don’t sell digital items, but maybe are freelancing, will simply find this deal a joke.

Not everyone is willing to sell their soul in exchange for money just beacause it’s money, talented designer deserves a decent return, and I will never recommend EE to anyone who wants to sell online with dignity.

If they are desperate then it’s another story, I can easily tell “yeah there’s this website where you upload your items and people download it for multiple reasons, they could use for multi million youtube channels or even holliwood movies, and you can make some cents out of it. but the more you upload the more cents you make so cents by cents you can make some dollars, while everyone else is actually making more money”


Actually, I told about my experience on Elements to couple of people I know for free. Later they were accepted and now earn additional money. And as they see results they are working even more for better income and quite happy with this.

Actually, I can’t understand all this mess. What’s the difference to sell one piece for let’s say 20$ and have 1 sale per month or to get same 20$ from multiple downloads via subscription model? Stocks are meant to devalue author to client work. It’s all about quantity of sales by its nature. Subscriptions are just another take on this model. All these chants about dignity is just romantic artistic approach which has nothing to do with earning money. Here we earn money, first of all. To be fair, subscription model isn’t Envato’s invention. All the digital world goes to subscription - it is just reality. You can fight with it or accept and use it.

p.s. I’ve got around 2300 sales on Videohive since joining to Elements (All my VH items on Elements since Autumn 2019 and new ones are adding instantly to EE)

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As for new authors and competition: it’s made to get more subscriptions, we all can win with bigger pie. Someone will lose, someone will gain - it’s all about your strategy.

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It’s not about strategy if it’s not proportional grow ratio between authors/subscribers

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True at some point. But with bigger pie - you can get more as money pool goes bigger despite other parameters

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Guys and Gals, in forums it always goes the same way: someone gets less and less money = doom and gloom, system is broken, etc. Same thing is on market’s Sales Monitor topics for years. Those who feels good almost never post something about their success, so we see just bad dropping incomes posts and so on


Multiple downloads fill up the demand too quickly, and among those subscribers there would be for sure those who could have easily afforded a 20$ item on main market or even a broadcasting license.

Dignity has a lot to do with money, that’s why people refuses to work for low income that’s not proportional to their effort, no one at Envato HQ would work for 500$ a month for the golory, for the love of the company and because it’s better than nothing.
Normally people accept to be underpaid if they are desperate and they have no other options.
You think everyone would accept to be paid 50$ for 50 slaps in the face? easy cash, no dignity :joy:

Also, here we are getting ripped off with licenses and it seems normal to everyone?!
Example: I want to broadcast your last item, I pay 29$ your item and 603$ the soundtrack. :thinking:
Are you happy with this? or you accept to be ripped off because 29$ is better than nothing?
Let people who has money spend their money!

I’m not complaining because I have bad sales, I’m complaining for the devaluation of the entire industry that everyone apparently seems to accept because money buys silence.

Licensing is the question and a market is a nice place for this question to be solved. Like premium licenses can only be purchased on market and regular one with subscription.

I told about dignity as you mentioned cents per download, but this isn’t relevant to anything. We should consider the whole income per portfolio and discuss it. And you didn’t answer my 20$ question, instead you took more comfortable examples of slaps)))

As for devaluation of industry - it has started before subscriptions. Like 10+ years ago it was harder to get proper knowledge, hardware was much more expensive and so on. These days lots of free information and tutorials. Hardware became user friendly enough for almost anyone to create content. And stock subscription already was used by envato’s competitors before EE. EE was just a business answer.

that was the answer that i didn’t properly address

10 years ago prices were kinda normal everywhere else except here. On P5 timelapses where priced 50$ and here 5$…it’s Envato that cut off all the competitions with its pricing structure and started the race to the bottom.
Here we are 10 years later selling stuff for cents.
In the next 10 years it will be probably us authors who will pay customers to use our items, you know, a customer fee :joy:

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I don’t know, but last year was my best year here for last 7 years. And there are some other authors who skyrocketed during last years. If i would earn lets say 1000$ I wouldn’t even bother to upload something. Once again it is all about total income. Overall number of money flown to the market has grown up significantly last years. Different models requires different solutions, thats it

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I don’t understand why are you blaming Envato when there is Pexels, that is much more popular and give really great & quality footage absolutely for free? :man_shrugging:


Envato started the devaluation over 10 years ago, 10 years later it’s hard to compete with a company that gives away millions of files for 30$ a month…no wonder there’s already who gives stuff away for free.
Someone at Envato is probably already planning how to monetize our items before Pexels adds Ae and other categories.

This is where the industry is going, are we ready to be paid via donations or a virtual “cup of coffe” or with the glory of having served the community providing content for free ?:joy: