How to increase earnings on Elements?

Hello people!

It’s a stupid question but how to increase earnings on Elements? Now there is no content bonus, high tax and we all see sales decreasing. What the authour could do in this situation? More uploadings? (seems it doesn’t work)

Peace for all and good sales!


Hi, well I guess upload more of what people want. How to know what they want? The elements trends can tell more of that information now, especially after the newest update.

But still, some projects will just not earn enough money at all. So I guess it’s about creating lots of things, and hoping that some of them will “go big and earn enough” to offset the losses of the projects that didn’t earn much. That’s the game were playing I think :sweat_smile:

so, the scheme of Envato elements is simple: more upload - more earnings and no other variants, am i correct?
Just one month I uploaded much more tracks then previous but earnings were roughly the same.

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My guess is that more is better cause it gives more chances to earn money. But if more is done blindly, with no regard for what customers are searching for, for popular trends, category saturation etc then it will be useless too. And even when you do create what customers are searching for and what’s popular, there’s no guarantee of sales either, but realistically it should give you more chances. So as I said:

But still those are just the things in your control, external factors can and do have an influence as well. Like inflation, search and listing algorythms, and many more. So low earnings isn’t just authors fault obviosuly. But they’re the ones choosing how much chances and if better or worse ones to create for themselves in this complicated market.

Overall I feel like this question is funny, and sometimes when people ask this they want a quick fix answer. But there’s no quick fix. Just lots of work, analyzing, guessing and luck.

And even after all that for some authors this market will be a completely unreliable source of income - cause maybe the way they inherently like to create something just never “clicks” with the customers, or stopped “clicking” with current customers or market trends and they find it really hard to adapt or to change those inherent thigns about the way they work. Or maybe the market overall became so “wacked” that only a few lucky ones can maintain an “acceptable” income anyways. In such case, when your effor put in vs. monetary reward becomes absurd, maybe it’s better to realize that this is not working and to try other things.

I have myself worked really hard on numerious projects that had like 1-5 sales and maybe 5$ on Elements the first month, and then just cents for the rest of time :smiley: It sucked, but I tried different things, and some did better. So I keep creating chances and playing this game untill everything that I create will result in absurd results.

And obviusly im in Videohive, while I feel like Audiojungle is even more saturated and harder market… So overall I can just wish all authors best of luck…


In an era where all digital items are sold for cents, whatever you create, you must approach it like stock photography.
Stock photos have always been sold for cents, and a lot of photographers made money out of the system, look at Yuri Arcus…commercial approach, thousands of images uploaded and millions of licenses.
He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t care about image prices because he knows it’s a numbers game.
I’m not saying it’s easy, and it’s not for everyone, but that’s how subscription works: quantity over quality.

Quality still pays off and “best sellers of the week” items in all marketplaces are proof of that, but most of the rest is average and ends up on EE.


Hello ! I would like to know how can i contact envato to cancel my subscription, I used the free trial but was just to see how is the website inside, but for now I’m not able to spend that amount of money for the subscription, how can I be refunded? They take the money from my account yesterday, I really need that money, maybe next month I can afford to subscribe the products but right now I cant ! Can somenody solve this for me please? Thank you very much and have a nice day everyone !

No one here can help you with this, you have to contact the support team :point_down:

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