Monthly payment Missing

Hi, I’m elements contributor and each month 18-20th date I am getting additional payment(honestly, no idea where its comes from) so this month I have not got any, anybody knows why?

Hi @Motionavigations! We process two payment runs each month for Elements authors:

On the 16th, the regular Elements Earnings are paid. This includes Item Earnings, and any Content Bonus payments that you may be eligible for.

On the 20th, there is a separate payment for Elements Incentives. This covers anything outside of the regular earnings payment - for example, any bonus earnings from the Triple Rewards promotion that we’re currently running for all Video categories.

If you check your Envato Author Dashboard page, you can download a PDF statement for each of the most recent payments. The dashboard currently has an Elements Earnings statement for the November 2021 period, and the January 2022 Elements Incentives statement.

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Hi again, so I have not got this bonus, could you give the info about the reason?

I mean 20th payment

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I can see that you have Elements Incentives earnings listed on your January statement, but I don’t have access to our payment systems to see what’s been transferred - I recommend opening a ticket with our Author Support team. They’ll be able to check payments for your account, and can help find out what’s happened to the missing bonus payment.

Done Thanks🙏

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