Earnings Report Discussion (May 2022)

So how do we actually see complete earnings for previous month (Like march for example). Do we have to wait for statement or what

No, you can see complete March earnings using Author Dashboard. Set “Earnings: After Tax”, “Shopfront: Envato Elements” and “View: Monthly”. Then click on the bar graph and you’ll see complete month earnings.


Hello @Jimmy_J

I can’t access to Envato New Dashboard,

This is really serious right now :sweat:
I’m having 50% drop in earnings this month for no good reason. I’m sure other authors are facing the same thing.
Can anyone explain what’s going on with Elements earning report ?
Because I really think it has something to do with that " Third party incident " we saw last month. Since then, my Element earnings didn’t make any sense.


Yes this is serious for me also, I can’t make enough to pay my all bills. It was pretty fine from the beginning but in the last two years, my earnings decreased month by month.


Same here :frowning:

:arrow_up: On the above, I can confirm that the dashboard report and Earnings Statements are accurate, and that the Author Dashboard is no longer affected by the issues from last month. I know that it’s of little comfort to any individuals seeing their earnings drop, but I can also say that this isn’t the case across the whole platform.

It’s worth noting that Envato has been heavily investing in building up supply (bonuses for new items, filling out new and existing categories, expanding our capacity for portfolio and item submission reviews) throughout the past year. That’s been important for the whole Elements platform, but it’s also part of a continual balancing act between growing supply and demand.

We have a number of teams working on growing our active subscriber base, which is the other part of this: after a long period of focus on building up supply (making Elements more attractive to customers), that balance begins to shift into more investment in demand (resulting in better author earnings). As I’ve mentioned before, both are vital for a healthy platform, and we’re continuously adjusting the balance of where we invest resources for growth.

In other news, I have just posted an update here for the Ukrainian Elements Authors about your Content Bonus Eligibility requirements. We’ve received a few questions about these, as the dashboard page still shows orange “ineligible” days for some of these authors:

  • We’re still paying the Content Bonus as detailed in our Ukraine Support announcement.
  • All affected Ukrainian authors will see a correction payment for any missed days added in the next Incentives payment run on the 21st of May.

Hello @Jimmy_J @BenLeong

We can’t see the previous report on this section. please add it, so we can see previous report month to month



Is there any delay for the Elements payment this month? Usually I receive it on day 15/16 every month. Have any author received this payment already?

yes, I got mine yesterday and I use payoneer

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@BenLeong I use payoneer also and didn’t receive Elements earnings payment yet, which I usually receive on day 15 every month
Any other author with same situation?
UPDATE: sorry, my mistake, I have the payment in my Payoneer account but I didn’t receive the email notification from Payonner or Envato


same here :face_exhaling:

I’m having 50% drop in earnings this month for no good reason. I’m sure other authors are facing the same thing..


Almost the same in my case, not a 50% drop but Elements earnings are dropping significantly this month, even uploading new items.


20% Drop

Me too :frowning:

Thousands of our videos now are illegally reselling and re-sharing for free by some criminal EE subscribers. I’ve found today couple accounts on SS and P5. But my special post here was suspiciously deleted in a few minutes. Even I did not provided any direct links. I just named criminal users on SS and P5, so all VH authors could easily find there stolen works there. We need some solution from Envato to help us to share such mutually important information at least, if they really can’t create any digital system to protect illegal redistribution of our VH and EE videos yet…


Thank you so much for supporting Ukraine in this horrible time!


February and March were stable. April was 15% drop comparing to March.

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Further details about your drop you will find on Sales and Earnings continue falling down. Envato reduces Paid Ads costs. - #58 by Dewwater

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