Elements Earnings Report status update: April 8th, 2022

Author Dashboard Update - A third-party service that we use for this application is not operational, causing delays in displaying Elements earnings.

  • Daily Item Earnings income is now displayed up until March 5, with March 6 coming soon.
  • Content Bonus earnings for March 3 and 4 are not currently visible in the Author Dashboard.
  • We expect further delays in showing the latest daily Elements Item Earnings from March 7th until the issue is resolved.

We’ll update this forum post once the Item Earnings display has been fixed. You can also view the latest status updates on this incident at https://status.envato.com/

I’m going to keep this thread pinned to the top of the Elements forum for visibility, but will lock it to avoid duplicating the existing discussions.

  • For the new Envato Author Dashboard (updates and features), use this topic.
  • For general discussion about April Elements earnings, use this topic.