Elements Author Dashboards: all daily earnings data now available

Hi all!

There have been two separate issues with our dashboards today. The first of these required us to take the Author Reports pages offline briefly for maintenance, and this has now been completed. The second issue concerns a delay in showing new daily Elements Earnings data in these reports.

I’ll update this thread when we have more information about when the daily earnings data will be up to date again.

2:45pm Maintenance has been completed, and the Author Dashboard pages are back online. There will be a delay in publishing new Daily Elements Earnings to the dashboard (for the days following Oct 10), but other reports are now available as normal.

10am: Our Data team has just taken the Author Dashboard pages offline for maintenance. These are the reports accessed via author.envato.com/reports


Are my earnings affected by this delay?
No. Elements items are still being licensed by customers, and those licenses are still generating author earnings via the Subscriber Share model. There is a delay in publishing daily earnings data to the Author Dashboard. Once I have more information, I’ll share more details about when this should be resolved.

Can I still use the reports to access historical data?
Yes. Until this issue is resolved, you won’t have access to Daily Item Earnings data after October 10th, but all previous data will still be accessible.


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Author dashboard error before the payout date? Why do you guys start implementing updates when the payout is so closer? This is really inconvinient for authors


Hi all. I’ve updated the first post with more information. There were two separate issues affecting the dashboard reports:

1: Immediate maintenance work. This required taking the Reports page offline for a few hours earlier today. That has now been completed, and the Reports pages are accessible normally.

2: Daily Earnings updates (Elements only). The Earnings report currently shows daily data for Elements up until October 10. There will be a delay in adding new days of earnings data to this report, due to some inconsistencies in customer data that occurred over the weekend. Our teams are currently resolving this, but we won’t be publishing new daily data until after this has been fixed.

I’ll update this thread when I have more information about point 2.


Keep up the great work Engineering team, looking forward for the great news!

Any updates ? and I hope this won’t affect our payouts in the coming two days

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On my side, earnings are still showing 10 Oct so there’s no update yet and I believe the engineering team is working hard on this. I also hope this won’t affect our payouts.


Yes in my side also I can see 10th october and also a red color banner. What I. worried is elements payments are dynamically calculated for payputs, so if there will be a problem in generating the statement there may be a problem in payout … I hope it won’t happen in that unfortunate way. but I would like to hear about it from @BenLeong and hope the team will fix the issue soon… usually they fix issues in less than a day… but it takes longer this time… I dont know why

Hi @anchor_point_heshan. This won’t impact your payouts - those are being processed as normal this week (today for Market, tomorrow for Elements). The November 16th payment covers author earnings from all Elements subscriptions during September.

The Author Dashboards are back online, but the author reports (earnings and item performance) won’t be receiving new daily earnings data after October 10 until this issue has been resolved. That won’t change the amount of earnings that are being generated, as Elements customers are still subscribing and licensing content. It will just mean there’s a delay until your dashboard reports catch back up to the normal 33-day Subscriber Share delay.

Once the issue is resolved, we’ll begin processing each of those revenue days as normal (Oct 11 subscriptions, Oct 12 subscriptions etc). Each revenue day takes some time to process, as these cover all item licensing events from every customer subscription for that revenue day. That means that once this process starts back up again, the backlog of data will take a few more days to get through. I’ll update this thread once the Oct 11 data starts up, and then the remaining days will follow after that.


Thank you for the clarification…

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Wishing the technical team best of luck to get the issue resolved soon… <3

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Any news?

No direct news at this stage - we have several teams working on syncing and checking all of the Elements databases, with top priority going to making sure that all customers who subscribed over the weekend have access to their subscriptions. This only affects a small number of users, but we obviously don’t want to have them cancelling immediately after taking out a new subscription.

We’ll recommence processing the Daily Earnings data once all data has been verified, starting with the Oct 11 revenue period. That won’t be started until all of the parent incident (status updates here) has been resolved though, as the earnings calculations require that all subscriber and usage data is 100% up to date. I’ll keep this thread updated, but currently don’t expect the Oct 11 earnings to start processing before next week.


Daily update: The most urgent work (making sure that all new subscribers from last weekend can access the site) is currently underway. Our Author Earnings team has been preparing to start the daily earnings process again, once they are cleared to do so - we’re still expecting this approval to happen next week though.

It’s Friday afternoon over here, so I’ll post another update on the dashboard Earnings Report status next Monday.


Hello, my daily earnings have decreased by 30-40% since the beginning of the month, could this be the reason?


Same here

@BenLeong I do not see the notification anymore about the issue with the earnings updates but mine is still stuck on the 10th?

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Same here

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