Elements Author Dashboards: all daily earnings data now available

Same here …

still stuck on the 10th?

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This happened last year December too and I lost USD 74 from my elements earnings.

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A week went by with no updates to the Envato Author Panel. I hope you have an explanation. However, your technical team is sending cliché messages.

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how long did this last in December?

Any good news? @BenLeong

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Hi all.

Our Author team is still preparing to re-start the daily earnings calculations (beginning with Oct 11), and will be processing the whole backlog of dates affected by this: once that process starts, it will take around 24hrs to process earnings for those Elements revenue periods. There are still a few more data checks that must be completed first - I should have more information on the timeline for this tomorrow.

The banner notification has been adjusted so it only shows on author.envato.com/reports instead of appearing on other pages as well. If you previously dismissed it (clicking the “x” button) you won’t see it anywhere - we’ve just modified the existing banner, instead of publishing a new one.

@3Ddym This is not related to any previous incident with the Author Dashboard reports, and does not affect your Elements earnings. All that is currently affected is the ability to see daily Elements Earnings totals (currently for Oct 11-17) on the dashboard. Once the issue has been resolved, you’ll be able to see daily data as normal.


We’ve re-started the Daily Earnings calculations - beginning with October 11, and with all the rest of the backlog to follow immediately afterwards. This is likely to take around 24hrs to finish processing.

I’ll post in this thread to confirm when the Author Dashboard reports are completely up to date for Elements earnings. If you’d like early warning of this, you can follow the Statuspage updates for the incident here:


Any news?


If their 24 hour prediction is accurate, we have another 10 hours to wait.

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hope so

At least for me, daily stat updated.

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Updated until October 17th. Should it be updated to 22nd?

Now its ok.

Hi all! The first part of the backlog is now finished, so Daily Earnings totals for October 11-17 are now available in the Elements Author Dashboard.

The two remaining days are still processing. Those should be finished in time for the next dashboard data update, which happens tomorrow morning (Melbourne time). Once those finish, the dashboard will have daily Elements earnings up until October 19, and we’ll be back to the normal schedule after that - where new daily earnings should be published by 12pm each day.

I’ll update this thread to confirm once the final two days are visible on the dashboard, and then we’ll also remove the banner notification.


All daily Elements Earnings data in the Author dashboard is now up to date, with the Earnings reports currently showing daily totals for Elements up to October 20th. We’re now back to updating this report when each new revenue period has been fully processed - exact time to publish this on the page can vary, but it’s generally online by 12PM Melbourne time.

The incident alert has now been closed, and so I’ll also close this forum thread.


Thank you

me too