Earnings Report Discussion (July 2022)

I’m having a big drop in earnings this month for no good reason. from usually 15-35dolars a day to 2-3 dollars.

I’m sure other authors are facing the same thing.


Finishing a bad month. I hope for better times but it’s hard to believe with such low earnings from month to month.


is the problem fixed i am facing the same problem

Very Low Earnings this month .


yes same low earning almost half and pattern repeating every day.


Hi all. There’s currently a technical issue affecting the display of daily earnings totals on the author dashboard, caused by an upstream service provider.

  • We do not anticipate this causing any delays to the monthly Elements Earnings payments.
  • You won’t be able to see new daily earnings data in the dashboard until this is resolved.
  • I’ll post an update here once we’ve caught up on processing the backlog of data.

You can also track this via the StatusPage incident notification below:

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That doesn’t affect this incident in any way. There will be no system changes on that front until earnings are calculated from item usage in the August subscription period.

Our Author Earnings team has now started processing the backlog of item usage data, and this should run throughout the weekend. I’ll confirm in this thread once the daily updates are back to normal in the dashboard - each day’s data can take a while to process, due to the size of the job. It looks like we can keep Earnings Dashboard downtime to a minimum though, as the upstream issue has been resolved faster than expected.

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Earnings looks alright as of 11 June 22. Do you mean future update will be affected? or Earnings so far (till 11 June 22) is with errors?

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@StrokeVorkz There’s likely to be a delay on the next few days of dashboard updates (covering June 12th onwards) until our systems catch back up again.

Current daily earnings data on the dashboards should be fine. There’s just been a delay in processing the following batch of data, which creates a backlog that needs to be worked through before the daily earnings can return to their normal schedule.


Is it affecting the ITENS REVIEW?

It’s taking too long. Much more than expected to review my 5 new itens. If it keeps like that, I will lose the last months of content bonus. Why is it so long?

And no way 11th june is fine. usually I make from 6usd to 30usd a day. 11th june I had 0,65 only.

I guess now you make 0.65usd to 30usd a day

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What about last month Elements payout? Still not received it yet.

Probably it will be on Monday 18th because 16th is Saturday.

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I have also not received a payout for July. Strange. Envanto is ALWAYS on the 15th. Hope it’s just a bug.

It was never payout on 15th for Elements (officially) - it was always on 16th.

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The numbers are very low this days, alarmingly low. I have 11 WordPress themes and one is on the 1st page (popular) and all 11 items have earned less then 1$ (before tax) in the last daily report.

I understand it is summer / vacations (for a huge number of customers), no more covid (until winter) but still the numbers are very, very low. Hope all will be “back to normal” in next month or two.


Same here


Yes i was also noticing same thing its very very low even 25% out of 100% of the previous month’s avg per day income which is not a good sign, i was thinking it is due to june like previous month was a holiday month so hoping things will be better upcoming month if not then its a bad thing happening to creators.