Earnings Report Discussion (July 2022)

Same issue with me, also didnt receive last months incentive bonus.

New month but disaster earnings drop from month to month.


Oh My God

same situation this month.

I’m considering removing my portfolio from Elements. Earnings have suddenly dropped by 84% in the latest 5 months. It feels like giving my software for free. Hard work should be paid, it seems that the only ones who are earning something are the customers and illegal sites that are distributing my (and your) software for a few dollars.

I’ll think I’ll consider implementing a purchase code verification system and distributing them exclusively on CodeCanyon (in which sales, by the way, have suddenly dropped by 70% in 3 months).


I also noticed illegal sites offering downloads from envato, elements and shutterstock. A company big enough like envato should develop a way to avoid it. It really needs a solution. It’s not our responsibility to fix, we are loosing revenue month by month, while bad people are using our assets from hacked/illegal websites.

What Envato can tell for us as? Do they have an answer for it?


I agree with you. Can you give us brief explanation for this? @BenLeong We need this to be fixed.


Things are happening or its just limited?
While I am having 100- items on Elements, earned daily 20$ - 35$ now I am having 195 items but daily earnings is same and more than 100 items are not even downloaded.
tell me something is valuably whats happening.

Still believe in Envato, Hope for best.


I am with Envato for about 1 year. Right now I am hitting the best month till now. Hope it will continue this way. (approx. adding 1 item per month). Hope there is much ppl like me.