Earnings Report Discussion (April 2022)

Hi all. There will be a small delay in bringing the daily Item Earnings calculations up to date, as these are still processing - you should be able to see full daily Elements earnings for March 3rd, 4th and 5th in your dashboard tomorrow morning, by around 11am AEST.

The Status Page notification for the Author Dashboards has also been updated: https://status.envato.com/


@BenLeong Thank you for giving this information.


@BenLeong thank you for your answers! :+1:

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Thank you!

Good afternoon. Great, everything has been recalculated, there is still a question. A bonus is awarded every day. And usually it is in the range of 3-7 dollars, but here on March 3 and 4 it is only 0.14 - 0.15. Is that right?or is the system crashing again?


And these columns are from another account of another author. And the last few days are very similar to my columns like two drops of water.


Same thing happened to me as well

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Thanks @OlScher - the Author Earnings team is aware of this, and they’re working on it at the moment. It’s connected to the same issue that has affected the display of daily Item Earnings data.

It’s likely that the graph will continue showing no Content Bonus income for March 3 & 4, but the correction will be visible on your monthly Earnings statement (e.g. listed separately as an Elements Bonus Correction), and you’ll still earn your bonus as normal. We’ll confirm exactly what this will look like, once the issue has been resolved.

I have posted an update in the pinned thread here, to make sure important information isn’t lost in the various other discussions. March 6 earnings should appear on your dashboard later on today, but further daily Item Earnings updates (March 7 and beyond) will not be displayed until the report is fixed. The team is currently working on that, and expect it to be resolved next week.

As more information becomes available, we will continue updating the pinned forum post linked above.


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Hi Ben,

@BenLeong Found one more bug. When you try to log off from the author dashboard it gets you to 404 page, and there is no way to “unlogin” yourself.

It seems like it writes something in the browser cash. The only way to log off is just to hit that 404 page, and then restart the browser.

statistics were delayed on March 6 and are not updated further.

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Not sure if this is the right place for such an observation, but oddly March 3 & 4 are missing the content bonus indicator on the bar graph.

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It’ll be processed in the next month payment

Earnings keep droping to the lowest point. I guess the inflation in Europe and Usa due war is to blame otherwise i have no other reasons to blame…

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I guess it’s the annual/seasonal thing, that there are huge drops on Elements during the spring?:sweat_smile:

After 6 months of a constant growth there’s a sudden 30% drop, that poped up outta nowhere. And it was exactly the same last year. Like, exact month.

It’s a bit frustrating :pensive:


I guess 1year ago (by the end of march) somebody set marketing compaigns for Envato (fb,addwords and etc) and noone have edited it ever since. Sales patern is the same, as same 50% drop again. It feels where its getting to, the plan probably to eliminate all those websites like TF (where it needs quite a lot of high paid specialists to test the code). To concentrate on elements which need less effort to hold it up.


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