Catastrophic Sales drop in videohive

Hi. What happen for videohive. Making a little tour around items can reveal a catastrophic sales drop for all items and all authors. In the past for exemple in top new files we start count for 100 70 sales for the first item and may be more. Now the top new sale dont reach even 20 or 30. Many items even they are good and quality can stay for days without any sales. I dont now if envato team noticed that or no ?? It become a serious problem here so many authors start to retreive their project from videohive to sell them on other platforms or cancel their exclusivity to post on other sites and get more sales. May be envato elements is a cause so authors trys to be member there to compensate their sales drop. But many dont get answer. By my experience i asked many times but nothing. In the same time i ve noticed there was some authors less active with less project are accepeted in elements. I dont know what is the strategy of envato and are they aware about this problem ?? hope videohive will be back as it was. We had good expreineces here and wish to continue the adventure with envato but in the same time team must resolve issue to make authors more confortable


The issue is Elements. All marketplaces are suffering.

Envato is making a lot of money with Element but on the long run they will pay the price for it and we as authors we will suffer for it, it’s already happening

Is sad to see this and so far nobody from the staff give an answer about this agressive Elements advertising, the banner is everywhere even if the checoutboage… Personally I am very disappointed, didn’t expect this.

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So why they dont close all markets and keep only Elements and move all items and authors there as other markets do ?? Just change the formula and lets see. But keeping things as they are and making if i could say discrimination between authors some in videohive only suffering and some in elements will have a bad impact.

This is the worst idea I ever heard so far. God forbid:)



I’ve noticed it too.

My VideoHive sales have dropped 87% in the past two months.

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It’s not about Elements. I have good sales on VH, but I also have almost all of my items on Elements. And I have good sales/downloads on both platforms with the same items.
So if Elements would be the reason - I should have huge sales drop on VH, but last months sales are even more than sales from start of the year.

Last months drops for some authors are more likely because of new search algorithms and new sorting methods.

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What is your drop in absolute numbers?
Seems that older projects are not in favor now, Most of my sales come from items been created within a last year

Because there aren’t as many Elements buyers as buyers on Marketplaces.

Do you know that when I search for “DREAMYARD_Visuals” on elements it doesn’t show me your items, that’s good for you btw :slight_smile:

my sales fell by 80%… New files are not sold at all. Although the last file hung a day on the main page …

We can say you have chance that u r accepted in elements. Many authors asked to join but envato never answered. Criteria are absurd. I saw many authors in my case that have too much less sales than men and than other they are no active at all and have less items get accepted and even their old items are in elements. Me no answer others no answer too … Nothing is clear

I don’t really want to go into specifics of figures, but I can tell you that in the last two months figures have reduced to the point there my sales numbers are only 1/10th of what they have typically been for the past 5 years. This is the case with all items and age of the product does not appear to affect these metrics.

I’m on Elements since october 2018.

I can aprox figure those numbers, no
offense but when 80% drop is from 200 to 40 sales - it’s really huge and something is definitely wrong. But when it is (let’s say) from 20 to 4 it isn’t something unusual

Yeah, I know it:) to find myself I need to input path manually

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First of all, some friends will mention that the products in Porfolio are small.

30 products in the same situation.
The 60 is in the same condition as the product.

I mean, it’s a very different situation.

To compete in the market, it is necessary to make a package of 1000 pieces.

But the market has become very unstable.

Even a very compact product can be lost in the market.

I think the reasons for the fall started after November. But the weird thing is that Envato still supports this policy.

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I can almost guarantee that the age of your products does absolutely affect your metrics! Mainly because you’ve not uploaded anything for 14 months. You’ve uploaded 0 items in 2019, 4 items in 2018, 2 items in 2017, and then your remaining 19 items from 2014 to 2016. You’re really not doing yourself any favours if you want any chance of maintaining sales levels. Sure, Elements might not be helping, and quite a few people are reporting a drop in sales over May and June… but even without those… I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have been seeing the same typical level of sales for the past 5 years.

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Analyzing all “dropped sales” comments - most of those Authors have quite few items been added last year or even none.

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Fair enough. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

Just reporting my own observations, as I’m sure irrespective of my portfolio, the community is interested in information pertaining to this phenomenon. All information is valid, though I do appreciate some of this threads members providing a more analytical insight.

I have some more content in the pipeline and will continue to observe trends throughout.

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