The situation is critical!

The situation is critical, and has been for a while! Now making a sale on Videohive is almost an event (except for those 4/5 people who have been among the “popular items” for 10 years). Element is a little better, but frankly it’s still not much. I wonder if Envato is going to do something!?! a market was destroyed. I know that many, I think most, are in this situation. The situation is really frustrating, and it seems to be getting worse and worse. I’ve been an author for several years, and I’m extremely grateful to Envato, it’s my job, but I think we need to do something, and do it now. Hope is the last to die, but you are killing that too!:crossed_fingers:


You and others who agreed to be part of Elements destroyed VideoHive… so it is a bit late to complain… what do you think would have happened when clients have access now to a billion files for a few bucks?


To be honest, I haven’t been part of Element for a long time, but when I saw how the situation was going, and that more and more people were joining, well, I had to hope for Element to make some money. And among other things I didn’t know how the authors “were treated”! But regardless of this you are right, but I think it is never too late to at least try to change something, but this is what I “complain” about, it is that I don’t see an interest in doing it, even if all the parties are in a bad situation for a long time.
Am I wrong, or are you part of Elements too?

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I’ve been trying for years to get some sort of reaction from the Envato staff they literally don’t care about what we say here on the forum, probably they know about this but they do nothing…

I am 100% convinced that Elements is the number one cause of the disaster that is happening now on the marketplace, of course, clients will buy Elements is advantageous but no author has the drive to create unique and cool stuff as we used too… the passion for our work is dead…


It’s really frustrating! At least have a response from Envato, who is surely aware of the problem!! what the heck, they should be interested too. Continuing like this, it is easy to understand where we will end up. I wonder if one day all the authors removed their works from Element and didn’t upload content to other markets, if Envato cared a little more about the matter and its authors!!

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Hello! Let me ask, what are we expecting from Envato? You’ve probably heard of other platforms that started monthly subscription systems earlier. I have to defend Envato in this situation - even if I don’t agree with monthly subscription systems - because if they don’t create competition, it would be a double loss. They started late anyway.

The problem is that the monthly fee is too low. Consequently, the quality of the files they release reflects this: quickly, in large quantities, but often in low quality as users produce them to get a larger share. There’s an average of Download / $, quality doesn’t matter.

I still think it would be worth creating a premium interface where files could be uploaded based on stricter quality control. Or simply apply stricter quality control and raise prices? If competitors offer the same monthly membership for the same price, the only way to charge more is with a quality improvement. (Furthermore, regarding the future, I’m leaning towards the non-exclusive status precisely because of these reasons, and building our own brand is also important. It takes a lot of energy. We need to hurry.)


I was talking about this when the Elements came out, but most people don’t like people who complain when the times are good. They see you just as a toxic pest.
Also designers from poorer regions have more options to work from home.

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