Video on Elements

Today we’re announcing that we will soon be accepting video authors and their items on Elements.

Elements Update

Over the last year Elements has continued to grow, adding new item types (CMS Templates, Tuts+, Photos, WordPress) and increasing the value of the subscription for customers. The response from customers who sign up to Elements has been great and the number of subscribers who return month after month for new content has steadily climbed.

We’ve also recently introduced annual subscriptions for Elements, further improving the lifetime value for subscribers and the opportunity for authors to earn more, incrementally.

Why video now?

Video is increasingly becoming a vital component of most digital creative projects. Whether it’s a YouTube video, a Facebook ad, a client project or an internal project, creative professionals are increasingly turning to video as a tool to communicate.

Envato’s video authors have long been among the best in the industry. Introducing creative professionals to the great video content our authors produce adds value to the Elements subscription while also creating an opportunity for video authors to build a recurring, incremental earnings channel.

What about VideoHive sales?

As we’ve introduced other item types to Envato Elements, we’ve closely watched the effect each has on Envato Market. The data shows that Elements earnings overall have been incremental to earnings on Envato Market, where authors are able to earn more than they would on Envato Market alone.

Next Steps

Soon we’ll begin inviting authors to consider making their items available on Elements. At this time we are inviting specific authors but anyone can register interest in being considered for Elements by filling out this form.

We’re planning a launch of After Effects on Elements for early next year (available on annual subscriptions only) with stock video categories to follow a short time after (available to all subscribers).

We’re excited about this next step in the Elements journey and the opportunity this creates for our amazing video authors to generate a new type of earning through Envato.

We’ll be around to answer any questions over the next seven days, responding in batches to questions not yet answered. As always, please remember our community guidelines when you post.

Helpful Info About Being an Envato Elements Author


For me, as for an author on Videohive, this is the worst gift for Christmas ever. :slight_smile:

One hope is that you will not put a banner on the Videohive homepage and the pages of items as well. But what am I talking about, of course, you will.


of course it’s a gift :slight_smile: Now we will earn $0.05 instead of normal earning . Imagine someone going to buy a template for $43 and then a big banner apear and tell him: You can get this template and 6436743 templates for $10 a month :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas


Please do not do this - it’s terrible! :frowning: You understand that it will not be very profitable for authors to create After Affects template. Many authors will leave from videohive. You will lose the creative content makers. I call on all who are not indifferent to - express their opinion.



This will be implemented no matter what, so just relax and watch your sales falling.

We’ve already faced it after the WordPress products launch a couple of weeks ago.


Will keep an eye on it. But I think this is a disaster for most VH authors.

I am wondering what kind of AE projects there will be on elements.


Many authors will cease to be exclusive, and will try to capitalize on other stocks. Envato will make it worse not only the author but yourself. I’m sorry that this is happening.


Can anybody explain this process. I mean if your file(s) on the elements site, then? you should upload files to elements or to your portfolio? Or the files that will be on elements should be invisible in your market portfolio? Just want to understand how it works.

You can upload what you want… so you can have an item on Elements and not the Marketplace, or an item on the Marketplace and not Elements, or you can have it on both. It’s up to you.


This is very bad. Thank you envato…


I didn’t find here no one happy comment. I hope If you respect our opinion you will change your mind and cancel this… Or I think you’ll lose lot of authors…


Very bad news. I hope, you will change it’s.

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I know that negative comments by authors are irrelevant in this situation, videos will be on elements…so, who gets an invitation please? Elite authors, top 100 authors, all authors…?

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Thank you. But what about exclusivety? As far as I know Elements is not a part of envato market. It’s independent business like envato studio

There’s no exclusivity on Elements. Everything is non-exclusive.

This is very bad news! The work of the authors will depreciate, will not be profitable to do new projects, many leave

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I agree with all the authors above, very bad news.


Can you be kind and share that data with us authors?
All we can read on the threads here is about TF and GR artists hurting.
A quick search regarding “Elements” in the “Elite Forum” brings up quite intimidating threads which many are prevented from reading.

Perhaps a “success story” from just one author talking about how he earns more from the move?
Considering the fact the data you have proves it, should be quite easy right?


And you should switch you market portfolio / account settings to non exclusive and get 30% from the regular sales instead of 50 -70? I simply don’t understand, because envato takes great care to exclusivety rules. I’m wrong? How it’s possible to get 10$ from sale on Vh and 1$ from elements from the single template. Or I just stupid and ask idiotic questions? :slight_smile:


I haven’t watched closely this “elements” thing but from what I read in this forum it is not considered as a good development.

So if elements are bad for the authors then why would an author agree to be part of it? I mean no author participation, no elements, is that right or am I missing something?

Second question about elements is the piracy phenomenon. A pirate now can only pay 29$ and download all the elements projects and distribute them the next day from his/her website?