Video has Landed on Elements!

Hey Elements Authors,

Last year, we announced that we would be adding Video as a new category to Elements in 2018.

We know that Envato’s video authors have long been among the best in the industry and we want to help authors, like yourselves - reach as many customers as possible, while supporting creative professionals access high-quality video content.

As Elements continues to grow, we know that video will help to enhance value to the Elements subscription and create another channel for video authors to build recurring, incremental earnings now and into the future.

So from today onwards, we wanted to let you know that we are now accepting video items on Elements. Yay!
This means that video authors can make their video template and stock video items available for Elements subscribers.

We’re excited about this next step in the Elements journey and the opportunity this creates for our amazing Elements author community. Celebrate the news with us and check out some of our team’s Favorite Video Items featured on the Author Hub.

We’ll be around to answer any questions over the next couple days, responding to questions not yet answered. For more information on uploading or managing your items, please visit the Author Help Center.

Thanks and happy uploading!


Hi @Sarah_G,

Thank you for this news. I already check my dashboard on Elements but seem like there is no update about my item on Elements and also the Earnings Reports is blank.

My item shows up in Video Templates category but not showing in my Dashboard.

Are this still beta tester?



Yeah I’m showing as having no items but they’re there in the search. And theres no video option in the add new item dropdown.


Same here!

Hello, I’m having a problem where none of my motion graphic or stock video items had been added to elements. All of my items in those two categories were suppose to be added.

Same question. My dashboard is blank. Where can I see how many times my items were downloaded? Or any other stats?

Also… is it correct that our items available for month subscription? Only for 29$ for one month? No need to buy year subscription plan?

If I wanted to give my items to pirates for free I would do it directly without uploading files to Elements.


Yeah that is something new that envato just announced last week I believe. Ditching the requirement to have an annual subscription for all video templates/footage before it even launched.

I’m assuming they still need to flick all the switches, dial in all the knobs and pull all the levers… so I’m sure our items will show up in our items in the next day or two.

I don’t think you can

You’ll get your sales figures after the first month… I think you get the sales report the middle of the following month.

Okay, Envato, one more question. How can I delete my items from Elements? When I check off this option
I get this page:

UPD: Good plan. Few month ago you said that our items will be only for annual subscription. Now they available for 29$, and it’s a cost of 1 or 2 items on videohive. So I think I will lose more potential buyers from videohive than earn from Elements… And now I can’t delete my files… Very very bad!

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How can i see my sale information…

Envato has decided to make all items, across all categories, available to monthly subscribers as well as annual subscribers. Rather than restricting WordPress and After Effects to annual subscriptions only. You can read the full details about the change here: Changes to WordPress and After Effects on Elements.

I should note that when we tested this change out temporarily, we saw a significant increase in author earnings.

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Thanks for reply. I already read that thread.
One problem, I couldn’t delete some of my items from Elements. They cost 24$ (and more) on videohive. Because I don’t see any reason why customers will buy those items from videohive if they all available on Elements just for 29$.
Maybe my earnings would increase on Elements, but I don’t see how it will cover losses from videohive. So I would like to remove some items.

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Happy to help where I can. I’m reaching out to a few people to try and find the exact process involved with removing items. Once I have that information, I’ll post it here for your reference.

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Also, which type of items do you have that you’re looking to remove? Project File items? Or Footage / Motion Graphics?

After Effects template. When I turn off checkbox on item edit page and try to save changes it shows me error. You may see screenshots above.

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Alright, I’ll try to get that information for you and will report back once I do.

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Okay so it seems like a small issue exists right now that’s causing the bug you’re seeing @DOGmotion. The developers are aware of the issue and are working to correct it as I type this and are hoping to have a fix deployed soon.

Once corrected, for Template items, such as After Effects, Motion, and Premiere, can all be removed from Elements, by navigating to your item and then deselecting the “I give permission for this item to be listed on Envato Elements”. Removing the Elements license will remove the item from the Elements library. Again, this function is not working at the time but once it’s fixed, this is the way to do it.

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They won’t let us revoke the items!
Yet, if you go to “My Items” it says “You have no submissions”
It feels as if they took ownership over the item, literally.

@MarkBrodhuber how to know how much daily sales I do in elements?

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I see my stock footage/motion graphics in Elements but the section My Items is empty.