Let's say hello to some new Elements authors

Hey all,

It’s time to welcome some new faces to the forum!

Please say hello to:
@templatehere, @AB-Designer, @CorgiAstronaut, @yura_fresh and @voxeldesign

Everyone here is passionate about creating, so tell us a little about what you like to create, how long you’ve been with Envato and where you’re from down below!

If you have any questions at all, this forum is a great place to ask. There are many friendly, knowledgeable people here who are happy to help out.

As this is the first post we’ve done like this for quite a while, we understand there might be a few of you who haven’t yet had the chance to be introduced. So feel free to introduce yourself down below too!

We look forward to getting to know you :slight_smile:


Hi Steve and All great authors.

First of all thanks for having me here and allow me to be a part of this amazing community Envato.

My Name is Umair I am from Pakistan and Living in Dubai UAE, I have been in this Design and Animation Industry for 12+ Years now and been a part of most amazing Clients all around the world. Here at envato I joint them in 2014 and start producing content of community this year 2018 and so far I feel really good to be a part of this amazing platform.

Below are my showreel and portfolio and I will love to see you guys there in comment section. Also I am running my Youtube channel and giving peoples free amazing projects plus I love to help them in any of there projects.



Looking forward to hear back to you guys. Thanks once again.

Best of luck Envato Family,
Voxel Design


hello Voxel - nice animations. I mean VERY NICE :smiley:

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Hi everyone!
Thanks for inviting me to Envato =D

I started working with design 10 years ago and creating fonts 2 years ago. I live in São Paulo - Brazil.

I am planning on producing different products this year and 2019, not sure exactly what but I am thinking on a fews things.

Here is my behance:


Cheers! =D


Hi Envato :blush:

My name is Amir and i’m a visual effects designer from Algeria. I’m very proud to be invited to envato elements !

I’m working on envato for 2 years now creating high-end advanced photo effects. Envato elements was one of the best things that could happen to my career on envato.
I’m planning to create more high quality photo effects.

I wish all the best for all other new envato elements authors :smile:
Have a great day !



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thanks bro :slight_smile:

Welcome guys!

Good luck in Elements!!


Hi all,

We have even more authors to say hi to this week. Please make very welcome:
@Cream-Motion, @FVS, @maxafter1, @x_studio, @shoeeb, @SOUTH11, @ouss, @PerryCox, @PixartStudios, @allinavvanilla, @VismovTV and @sparta!

As mentioned above, please introduce yourself and let us know what you enjoy creating, how long you’ve been with Envato and perhaps where in the world you’re from!

You can also ask for help in this special Elements forum, as it’s a place specifically for you, and of course everyone is friendly and knowledgable :slight_smile:

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Hi There,

Thank you for finding me.
I boarded Videohive in 2012 and it has been a great ride ever since.
Currently residing in Lahore, Pakistan.

My name is Shoaib Khan. I am a Freelance Motion Graphic Designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from National College of Arts, Lahore Pakistan and a Masters Degree in Computer Imaging and Animation from Metropolitan University London, UK. My MA dissertation project was show-cased in Compute Arts Magazine (53rd edition), which is UK’s biggest selling 3D computer magazine. I have worked as an Art Director, Senior 3D Animator, 3D Visualizer, 3D Artist and Graphic Designer for different London based TV channels and Post Production companies.
Besides Freelancing, I have produced and published over 50 Quality Templates and Tutorials since 2009, used by creative professionals, TV Channels and post production companies around the Globe. I continue to work as Freelance in addition to publishing new, exciting products and tutorials for the growing motion graphics and visual effects community.


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Hi all. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

Thank you for inviting me to elements, I’m from Indonesia and joining envato account for last 3 years but just starts uploaded & approve first file in last 2 years, so far is going good in sales! Next step I hope I can receive elite badge in next year! Personally I have been 10 years in motion & graphic design industry, mostly in TV production company and besides that I’m doing freelance for production house & post production.

Nice to join in this community, wish you all guys in good sales and growth up with this community together!

Cheers! :sunglasses:


Hi Everyone, glad (and a little afraid) being on Elements.
My Name is Gaëtan, I am a French 2D & 3D Motion Designer. I am known on Videohive to be the creator of VoluMax, my best seller (not on Elements).
Cheers !


hello new Authors

see here

Visit elements forum - you have envato team there - visit not only this topic, visit all of them :slight_smile:

Be active, work, earn money, buy me vodka (subliminal mesage, maybe finally I get some vodka from envato but hushhhhhh) , get your dreams come true hehehe :slight_smile:



Hi guys.
I’m Dmitriy, motion designer from Ukraine. Have bachelor degree in Graphic Design. More than 6 years worked on TV channel as motion designer. Right now I’m a freelance motion designer with more than 11 years of experience. Working for live action sport industry as 2d & 3d professional.

My profile: https://www.behance.net/PerryCox


Привіт, друже :wink:

Hello, mate)

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Glad to see someone from Ukraine here.

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Welcome all, can’t wait to see what you’ve got published to Elements. Feel free to share links to your Elements portfolios in this thread if you’d like. :smiley:

@PerryCox @DREAMYARD_Visuals @VismovTV and others, excited to see what you’re publishing!

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@jamesgiroux Hello James!

Here is mine: https://elements.envato.com/user/DREAMYARD_Visuals

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Hi James!

Here it is: https://elements.envato.com/user/VismovTV
and will be more added in time! :sunglasses:

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